Disney with a mobility scooter!


This was our first holiday with the scooter and we felt a little apprehensive about how accessible Disneyland Paris would be – we needn’t have worried!

Getting in and getting around!

Getting into both parks was nice and easy – the cms just open the kiosk doors as they did for pushchairs.  Our first stop was city hall to get a green pass and husband just drove in – no problems at all in getting in and manoeuvring August was always going to be busy but the crowds were somewhat annoying at times because people just walk out in front of you – happens to us all I guess but they don’t seem to like it when their toes get trampled so we are investing in a horn for this year’s trip! Navigating around Disney itself was great – the paths are all wide and it was even fine over the cobbled areas.  Where there are steps, there are also clearly signposted wheelchair accessible areas.  Main street was really easy to negotiate around although we couldn’t find our way down to Goofy during EMH, so he ran to get us!


Rides and Shows in Disneyland Park 

Husband isn’t able to go on all the rides because of his health needs but those he could were very accessible.  The rides have a signposted disabled entrance, often the ride exit.  CMs were great and very welcoming.  So sometimes parts of the theming is missed but you can’t have everything! Getting into The Frozen Singalong was easy! There were spaces alongside the bench seating for a wheelchair/mobility scooter to slot into and we hope it has stayed the same for the Forest of Enchantment this year!


Moving around Fantasyland was simple – occasionally needing to find an alternative route where there were steps.  We were able to enter Peter Pan’s Flight right by the ride exit and park the scooter close to the ride so only a very short distance to walk.  It’s a small world has a disabled entrance where we were shown to the ride.  Dumbo had a few small steps up to it.  La Taniere du Dragon was completely accessible.


Pirates of the Caribbean is one of our favourite family rides so we were really pleased to be able to drive the scooter straight to the ride exit.  It couldn’t have been any easier.  Around by Pirates of the Caribbean, we looked out for the sloped areas and the walkways were a little narrower.



Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is another firm favourite in our house but we were a little unsure of using the scooter at this stage so parked it outside and walked in through the disability entrance.  It was a longer walk than we anticipated so next time we will ask to take it through with us as there certainly was space.

Rides and shows in Walt Disney Studios

I had read that the disabled entrance to Ratatouille was problematic – that it was long and narrow and the same as the fastpass.  However, it was more than wide enough for the scooter and we drove it right down to the ride entrance.  Staff moved it for us to the exit.  There was enough space to manoeuvre.

Mickey and the Magician has a separate disabled entrance to the left of the Animagique theatre and then drive straight in! The scooter didn’t quite fit in the first space and staff were keen to help us find an appropriate space.  Husband stayed in the scooter and the rest of us were alongside and didn’t feel at all separate and very much part of the audience.

Everything Else 

Plaza gardens were fantastic.  I popped in to ask how to get in with a scooter and we were directed to the side of the restaurant which has a slope right into the back of  the restaurant.  We then headed over to the entrance and were seated.  The positioned us close to the buffet so I didn’t have to walk far to get husband’s food and showed him where he could park the scooter – inside the restaurant and we could see it at all times.  Again we took it into Restaurant des Stars although this time they removed a chair and he sat in the scooter and got his own food.  When shopping, lots of the larger shops were accessible and in the Walt Disney Studios store, he was able to take it into the changing rooms!

Overall, we were really pleased with the accessibility and the staff and very much looking forward to returning this Summer.

Click for the Disneyland Paris Accessibility Guide

Photos (c) Disneyland Paris



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