Meal Plans Made Easy –Half Board Plus

Half Board Plus Meal Plan

Add this to your package for €52 per adult and €35 per child per night of your stay.

1 breakfast voucher and 1 lunch/dinner voucher will be given per person per night.



Use your first voucher to get the Breakfast Buffet at your Hotel (except for Davy Crockett where you will receive a breakfast basket).   You may also use your breakfast vouchers as part payment for character breakfast at Plaza Gardens.  The supplement is €10 per person (adult and child)

Lunch / Dinner

Use your second voucher in exchange for a buffet meal or set menu and soft drink in the following restaurants:

  • Walt’s – An American Restaurant (in Disneyland Park)
  • Silver Spur Steakhouse (in Disneyland Park)
  • Captain Jack’s (in Disneyland Park)
  • Bistro Chez Remy (in Walt Disney Studios)
  • Annette’s Diner (in Disney Village)
  • The Steakhouse (in Disney Village)
  • Beaver Creek Tavern (at Sequoia Lodge Hotel)
  • Hunter’s Grill (at Sequoia Lodge Hotel)
  • Yacht Club (at Newport Bay Club)
  • Cape Cod (at Newport Bay Club)
  • Parkside Diner (at Hotel New York)
  • Manhattan Restaurant (at Hotel New York)

You may make Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) up to 60 days in advance by phoning +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50


Alternative Restaurants and Supplements

You may use your lunch/dinner vouchers at Counter Service Restaurants or at any of the ‘Standard’ restaurants (no change will be given).  You may also use the face/cash value of your vouchers as part payment for a meal in a more expensive restaurant. The value of a HB Plus voucher for an adult is €37 and for a child is €18.  You can find the price of each restaurant in our separate individual restaurant pages.  Only one voucher per person may be used per meal.

FREE Half Board Plus

If you have booked a package with Disneyland Paris directly or your travel agent, with FREE Half Board, and you are staying in Sequoia Lodge or Newport Bay Club, this is the meal plan you will get.


See our guides to the other types of meal plans.

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Click here for Half Board Premium

Click here for Full Board Premium


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