Chuck Wagon Cafe

Buffet Restaurant at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne.

One of my favourite things to do  is to sit outside Hotel Cheyenne Red Garter Saloon/Chuck Wagon Cafe and have dinner and/or a beer.

You can reserve your table here and I would suggest you do as it can be busy. Call 0033160304050 from the UK or speak to the concierge or City Hall.  All meal plan vouchers are accepted here (excluding other Hotel plans) but you would lose money using a Premium or Plus voucher

Non meal plan guests pay 25.49€ excluding drink and 29.99€ including a non alcoholic drink. Kids 16.49€ Prices from Disney’s website and are for guidance only. Check before you go!

You can find Disney’s official info here.

As with all buffets you pay before you go in.

The theme here is pure cowboy.  The food is TexMex and very tasty.

Starters are usually soup, salads, cold meats, a pate en croute (posh pork pie) and fish of some description!

There will be a carvery (pork or beef) the beef tends to be on the rare side. Do feel free to ask the chef and he will flash fry it for you if you prefer “bien cuit” well done. Chile, Ribs, quarter chicken, baked potatoes or Dauphinoise, usually haricot vert and salad.  Also sausages but not your usual British banger. Often a fish dish and a casserole.

Desserts usually consist of variations on fruit tart.

Breakfast can be rather hectic and is NOT included in a standard hotel booking.  If you have a meal plan then it is included or you can pay as you go.  At 9€ a pop I think it is overpriced for some bread rolls, croissants, ham, cheese cubes, tinned fruit in a bowl, cereal and yoghurt.

Next to Chuck Wagon Cafe is The Red Garter Saloon

Expect to pay 7€ for a pint of Kronenbourg and about 25€ for a bottle of wine.


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