Crockett’s Tavern

Buffet Restaurant at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

Ok. So, I like food. I like the food at Disney.  I love table service, counter service, buffets, the lot!  Last year I got to tick one of only three restaurants at which I have never eaten.

You can reserve your table here and I would suggest that you do as it can be busy. Call 0033160304050 from the UK or speak to the concierge.  All meal plan vouchers are accepted here (excluding other Hotel plans) but you would lose money using a Premium or Plus voucher.

Non meal plan guests pay 25.49€ excluding drink 28.99€ including non alcoholic drink. Kids 16.49€ Prices from Disney’s website and are for guidance only. Check before you go!

You can find Disney’s official info here.

You can find our  info on Davy Crockett Ranch here.

There are three important things that make a good holiday restaurant for me. Theming, food and service.


The theming will be familiar to those who have eaten at Chuckwagon Cafe in Hotel Cheyenne or La Grange at Billy Bobs or Cowboy Cookout in Parc Disneyland. A wild western theme although this is more pioneer and trapper themed in keeping with the legend of Davy Crockett. Theming is not over the top and it is a pleasant space to sit and eat. We were not rushed and the server was efficient bringing our drinks. Could’ve been friendlier but wasn’t unfriendly.

The food was fab, French country meets texmex. Variations on ribs and chicken with a pork carvery. Usual veg but it was fresh and warm. We eat early and would recommend anyone eating at a buffet do the same.

Desserts were a little disappointing but adequate, tarte aux fruits and bavouris.

The kids selection was the same as everywhere. Nuggets of either fish or chicken, pasta, pizza slices.


After dinner head out and have a beer outside Crockett’s Saloon the local bar.


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