Inventions – Character Lunch and Dinner

Character Buffet Lunch and Dinner at the Disneyland Hotel

• Approximately 4-5 Disney characters will visit your table while you enjoy a variety of cuisines from around the world in the surroundings of inventions from the Victorian Era.

• Lunch from 12pm, Dinner from 6pm.  On Sundays, there is a special themed Brunch (click for more info).

• €65 per adult, €35 per child. (children under 3 are free)

• Book lunch by adding to your Disney package (pay in full in advance), or book lunch or dinner by phoning the Advances Dining Reservations Line up to 60 days before your chosen date (pay on the day).  +33 1 60 30 40 50

• Included in Premium Meal Plan and Disneyland Hotel Meal Plan

• You may supplement your Standard and Plus Meal Plan vouchers to pay for your meal.


Click here to find out about other Character Dining options.



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