Allergies at Disneyland Paris

This post will be updated as and when members visit restaurants and can review how allergies were dealt with.

A little bit of background;

I’ve suffered from a severe nut allergy for as long as I can remember, and have visited DLP 18 times in my 20 years. I am also allergic to figs, sunflower seeds, kiwi, fresh pineapple, and I suffer from OAS. I’ve carried an EpiPen for as long as I can remember, and also carry Piriton liquid with me.

I’ve never had to have one of the Natama meals, and don’t ever plan to as they don’t look that great.

I’ve only ever had two negative incidents regarding allergies, and they were very minor;

  1. We ordered a doughnut and the CM had served the couple in front of us a Nutella doughnut and went to pick my one up with the same tongs. A quick explanation and the CM could not have been more apologetic if he’d tried.
  2. I got really complacent and forgot to tell the CM about my allergy in Inventions, and having eaten there so many times I know what I can and can’t have there. I then got really excited about a new pasta dish they were serving, and put a big spoonful of it on my plate. It was actually blue cheese pasta in a sauce with big chunks of walnut – I didn’t have any walnuts as I just had a bit of pasta and wasn’t keen on the taste so didn’t have any more, but where it had been cooked together I reacted to it (only mildly as I hadn’t actually eaten the nuts). A quick trip to the first aid centre for some stronger antihistamines (as I’d stupidly forgotten to pack Piriton) and I was right as rain.

Plaza Gardens – July 2015/December 2015/ March 2016

This was the first time I’d properly eaten a sit-down meal in the Disney parks, as normally we get counter service for lunch and then eat at one of the places in the village for dinner, or in Val d’Europe. I was with my friend, who suffers from a nut and soya allergy and also carries an EpiPen. Before booking a table here, we wanted to look around and see whether it would be a suitable place for us to eat. We both knew we were safe at McDonalds so if we didn’t feel comfortable we always had a backup. In fact, the CMs couldn’t have been more helpful. They showed us around, showed us the food we could and couldn’t have, introduced themselves so we could ask any questions if need be and also brought the allergy tick sheet to us, so we could make a decision. We decided to book a table for later in the day, and the same CM from earlier came to serve us and remembered we had seen him earlier in the day. He brought the tick sheet to our table again, and asked if we wanted to be shown around again. The chef also came to see us, and offered to grill us some chicken or fish, and boil some vegetables if we weren’t happy with what was on offer. We had a wonderful meal here, and I have returned many times since and always had the same impeccable service here regarding my allergies.

Fuente del Oro – July 2015

We had a half board meal plan when I visited in July 2015, and so a Pause Gourmande was included. Unfortunately, one day they’d run out of doughnuts, and the Magnum has nuts in it. We explained this to the CM serving us, who briefly checked with another CM and they offered us anything on the menu up to a value of 3,49 which enabled us to have the nachos and salsa instead, so we didn’t lose out on our Pause Gourmande vouchers!

Auberge de Cendrillon – December 2015

In here, I was told what on the menu was safe, and then offered plain rice, chicken and vegetables if the menu didn’t suit me.

Inventions – December 2015

Much like in Plaza Gardens, I was treated brilliantly here as well. I was shown the allergy tick sheet, and offered chicken and vegetables again if it wasn’t good enough.

Hunters Grill – 10th/11th/12th January 2017

Upon arrival and once we’d ordered drinks, I spoke to our waiter about who I needed to mention my allergies to. He said to come with him to the front of the restaurant where he produced the allergy book for this restaurant. He then led me round the restaurant pointing out what I could and couldn’t have, in case the labels for things moved around. Next, he spoke to the chef, who offered to cook me a plain chicken breast if I wasn’t satisfied with what was on offer, but I was happy with what I could and couldn’t eat so all good!

Colonel Hathi’s – 12th January 2017

Being allergic to both nuts and some fruits can make the set menu counter services a little difficult, as I can’t have the brownie or the fruit cup which is often the dessert on offer. I mentioned this to the CM serving us, and he offered any of the other desserts. The only thing I sometimes find when getting a dessert switched is that they don’t always put it through the till, and so I’ll sometimes be given the wrong dessert when I collect the food, but a quick explanation and it’s all sorted and I’ve never had an issue.

Cowboy Cookout – 11th January 2017

Cowboy Cookout is one of my favourite Counter Service restaurants, I love their food! I again swapped my dessert and had the Greek yoghurt over the brownie and fruit cup which was great! My friend who accompanied me on this trip doesn’t eat cheese, and they were happy to take the cheese out of her burger – we just had to wait a few minutes extra for them to cook a new burger for her as all they ready to go ones had cheese in, but it was great. Originally they thought she was lactose intolerant, so proceeded to tell us what she could have that’s was good for those lactose intolerant, so that’s good to know for anyone who can’t have lactose. (Apologies as I can’t remember what they actually said was safe for those who are lactose intolerant as we were only interested in the cheese)

Bella Notte – 10th January 2017

Again, swapped my dessert with no issues here!

Cape Cod – 10th February 2017

After having seen the allergy tick sheet at previous buffets, I was surprised when I was told there wasn’t one in Cape Cod. However, the CM took me to the head chef, who again took me around the buffet and told me what was and wasn’t safe for me, and also said that he could do me fish and vegetables again, or he could remake one of the sauces without the nuts in it so I could have the fish in creamy sauce that was available.

Toad Hall – 11th February 2017

Again, swapped my dessert with no issues here!

Walt’s – 12th February 2017

We had an absolutely brilliant CM as our waiter here, I could not fault him he was absolutely brilliant. I said I was allergic to nuts, to which he replied, “I better leave then” making us really laugh!  He brought over the allergy tick sheet, and I really wanted the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, which had nuts in. (I am also allergic to pineapple, but only fresh pineapple and this wasn’t fresh, as it had been cooked with the cake). On the tick sheet, peanut is classed as one allergen, and all other nuts as another allergen. I’m not allergic to almonds, and so asked which nuts were in the cake. He then showed me another page in the book, which has all items on the menu and the specific ingredients in all of them. The specific nut in the pineapple upside down cake is almond, so I was all good to have it which was great, and it was so delicious.

We truly believe if you are polite and friendly to the CM’s, they are willing to help you in any way they can. As I’ve said, I haven’t had an issue in any restaurants in Disneyland, other than outlined above, and have eaten at a fair variety of places.



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