Walt Disney Studios Park

Morning all!  Today is going to be a bit more leisurely than the mania of a day in Disneyland Park

WDS opens later than its bigger sibling and affords a much more relaxed pace.  Lets grab some breakfast and meet at the park gates at 9am.

Spot the hidden Mickeys around the gates, three circles representing a mickey head.  You can find them in loads of places, there isn’t a definitive list and no prizes for finding them but it is fun to spot them.

This park opened 10 years after the first one (March 16th 2002) and is only just becoming a full day out. Its theme was a replica of a working film studio and quite frankly it didn’t really work.  There were few rides and only one bit of true production going on in thankfully long closed TV Tour.  Man, that was boring.  Disney Channel France is still broadcast from here but no making of TV shows happens.

Through the farting turnstiles and into the courtyard.  Huge shop on the left and Studio services on the right for lost property, dining reservations, general assistance and giving great feedback about how good the CM are.

You will also see at the far end of the building Pushchair and Wheelchair rental.

Behind the Mickey statue are the doors to Studio 1, welcome to Hollywood! The right side of this huge set is a single fast food restaurant called Restaurant En Coulisse whereas the left is a shop.  The frontages are lovely and there are lots of great photos to be had. Go and have an explore, lots of details such as the caricatures of Hollywood legends and the carpet from Aladdin.  Go and mooch.

Out we go and into the park.  Here in front of us is my favourite piece of Disney Art. Partners.  Partners is the statue of Walt holding Mickey’s hand and behind him is Hollywood BoulevardStudios (3)

Let’s head right into Animation Courtyard.  First up is The Art of Animation, a celebration of all things Disney cartoon and home to a meet and greet of the latest star. There are rumours that this attraction will be undergoing significant changes soon which is a shame as it is home to the only MultiPlane Camera on public display.

Moving round we next arrive at the simply incredible Mickey and the Magician MatM show. You must not miss this it is stunning.

We are now approaching Pixar in the form of Toon Studios. When WDS first opened there was quite simply just one ride for little kids.  Flying Carpets Over Agrabah was a swiftly dragged in sop to “something for the kiddies” and for years it felt out of place and pointless. Fast forward a few years and the Cars ride, Crush’s Coaster followed by Toy Story Playland and Ratatouille arrived so that meant that FCOA was doubly out of place. So much for cohesive theming and planning. A rare jarring moment.

Anyhoo, there are loads of fun rides Crush is a spinning coaster and can be intense for little fans of Nemo, Cars is another opportunity to be made giddy but the most beautiful ride here is Ratatouille, Remy’s Adventure: Unique to DLP (until EPCOT in Walt Disney World get their version) it draws VERY long queues.Studios (28)

Next to which is the best restaurant (only table service) in the park Bistro Chez Remy. BCR is great fun, shrunk to the size of a rat, you are served Remy’s speciality in one of the nicest themed restaurants.

Leaving this area through the tunnel you emerge out of a Barrel Of Monkeys, still tiny but no longer a rat, you are one of Andy’s Toys in his back garden.

There are 3 rides here all of which enable you to be either dropped, spun or swung.

I have a problem with 3 of the rides in WDS. I’m quite simply a fat bloke and I don’t fit in Cars ride, Crush’s Coaster doesn’t lend itself to large people and RC Racer I can only fit in the front row seats.  Salad for lunch I think.

Onwards, keep up.  Tram Tour is next. This has 2 brilliantly made special effect set pieces. Fire and water and maybe a little frightening for tiny ones.

I’m hungry.  As we head towards the next big attraction we can stop off at Cafe Des Cascadeurs. This is the oldest building in the resort. Have a look at our blog page.

Moteurs Action, I’m a petrol head.  Love this so much.  Genuine, highly skilled stunts and is superb.

Next up is the fastest roller coaster in DLP, Rock and Roller Coaster has the fastest launch (quicker than a Formula 1 car) and most inversions.

Do it. At least 3 times.

As we stagger giddily from RnRC we see the next attraction on our left. Armageddon: Special Effects.  Opposite that are the toilets. I’m going loo. You can do Armageddon. Then you will see why I didn’t.

Nearly done, in front of us is the TV building which once contained Cyberspace Mountain and TV Production Tour, both thankfully long since gone and replaced by Disney Junior, a must see puppet show if you have preschoolers with you. I’m excused seeing it now as my kids are far too old for it.  Next to Disney Junior is the brilliantly clever Stitch Live.  Both of these shows are available in French or English, times for each language are displayed at the entrance to each attraction.

Ok, we have the biggest and best saved for last.  Turn round, look up. There it is.

Tower Of Terror.  Oh, I love this ride. Stunning theme, beautifully designed and serious fun.

Go on, go for it!  What’s the worst that can happen?

I shall leave you plummeting forever into the fourth dimension and head off for a beer.  See you in the Billy Bobs later.

From Paris to Disney

Or the other way round!

If you get the Eurostar into Paris it can get a little tricky to find your way around.  The Eurostar arrives into Gare Du Nord. On leaving the train head to the end of the platform and you will find yourself in a very large concourse area.  Turn left and walk to the far corner. You will soon see signs leading downstairs to the RER and Metro (and a huge shopping centre too)

Keep walking straight ahead and you will come to the ticket office.

The best way to get from here to Disney is to take the Réseau Express Régional or RER trains.

Paris public rail transport is split into 3 types, big cross country trains TGV, smaller regional trains RER and the underground Metro.

Metro lines are numbered and RER are identified by a coloured letter.  Disney is at the Eastern end of RER A, the red line which runs across Paris.  The station at DLP is correctly known as Marne-La-Vallee Chessy.

Gare Du Nord is on a big inter change of many RER and Metro Lines but it is all well sign posted. Take RER B (blue) or D (green) to Chatelet des Halles and change onto the RER A.

It is very straightforward but can be a faff with cases etc.


Disneyland Park

🎶Hey there, Hi there, Ho there. It’s a Disney kind of day!🎶
WAKE UP, WAKE UP! You’re in Disney. Time to get out and off to the parks. Seriously, this is what the place is about. Friends to meet, rides to do and so much to see. We are going on a whistle-stop tour of parks and villages.
The best thing about this kind of tour is it’s the ultimate Fast Pass. No queuing for us today.

I’ll admit it. I’m a Disney Parks Geek. I love the design and the history of the place so I can’t take you round without pointing out a few special details but don’t panic. I’m not going to be some dreary, dry guide waving his umbrella at the head of a parade of glazed-eyed tourists.

Got your tickets? Got your map? Got your soon to be ‘death by shopping’ emptied wallet? Excellent. I’ll meet you outside The World Of Disney Store at the top of the village. You will need to have gone through security to get to this point so make your life easy. Phones, keys and coins in your bag to go through the airport style scanner. All bags, including the ones on your pushchair will need to go through so be ready.  If you’re staying at an on site Disney Hotel security is before you get into the village. If arriving by train or bus then security entrance is right in front of World of Disney. (WoD)

One more thing. If you didn’t already know DLP fans love to abbreviate. If you don’t know your WDS from your BTM you will by the end of this blog. (Walt Disney Studios and Big Thunder Mountain BTW).

Everyone here? Let’s go. This area outside the store is called The Resort Hub. From here you can get to either park, the village or the train station. If you look down you will see a compass with points showing the direction to every Disney resort except Shanghai (the newest) and the distance. Walking towards the gates you have a decision to make. Left to the Studios or right to Disneyland Park.

I’m the guide, I’m making the decisions today. We’re going to Disneyland Park.

Passed the Legends Statue. This lovely statue is often overlooked. The plaque is dedicated to European Imagineers who worked on the place. Photos later, time’s a wasting.
Fantasia Gardens. Wonderful place, run around down the steps to the Mickey Flower Display. Pushchair and Wheelchair users take the slopping path if you prefer. If you can stand on the back of the chariot it is much more fun. There is a baggage store to the right hand side of the hotel where Disney will look after your bags for a fee!

Obligatory group photo in front of the sign under the Mickey Clock. This is a legal requirement before going in. (It isn’t really).
Under the clock, past the ticket booths to the turnstiles. The CM (cast member, a Disney Employee) will scan your ticket, the turnstile will make a noise that could either be “Welcome” or “Enter” or a fart. I’m never sure which and you’re in!

Cameras ready, there is a lot to photograph. First time I came here in 1997 I used over 9 rolls of film (digital cameras didn’t exist then). After the entrance is your first opportunity to shop. Sale items often found here but no time for that kind of thing now. Look in front. Up a bit. That’s it. The train station has four lovely stained glass windows, each one dedicated to a different land. Depending on the resort theme there is often an appropriate display. 2017 is the 25th anniversary and we have our first ever-changing display.

Through the arches. Take a look at the plaque. “Here you leave today and enter worlds of history, discovery and ageless fantasy”
As we trip lightly through the second arches you have an opportunity to pick up a map and timetable in various languages.
On the other side we are in Town Square. Horse Drawn Trolley stop in front of you and lots of choices for getting down Main Street. On our left is City Hall. Your destination for all things useful such as lost property, dining reservations, information, disabled access passes if you don’t have an Annual Pass (AP). On our right is the transportation company. There is a shop here which hires out push chairs and wheel chairs if you need them.
Loos are either side of Town Square.

There are several ways of getting down Main Street USA.

Vehicle: Paddy Wagon, Omnibus, Fire Engine, Horse Drawn Tram. Ok, so the picture is of the tram coming up Main Street. I just like it.

Under Cover walk: to our left is Liberty Arcade, to the right is Discovery Arcade

Promenade: quite simply you cannot walk down Main Street. You can run, dance, skip, link arms but never walk.
Exploring Main Street.

We shall skip. Around town square past City Hall on our left to The Story Book Store selling all things Duffy. This isn’t about the shops so you can look elsewhere in the blog for shopping info. Outside here is a Guest House frontage which forms the back drop to a character meet and greet. Often Minnie but check the programme. Next to the guest house is the entry to Liberty Arcade. Skip onwards past the gazebo. Often a character here too and over to the opposite side. You will often see Goofy loitering here in the mornings outside the Hair and Bow boutique. Look up and see the Town dentist. Dr Bitz. 9 out of 10 patients go to Bitz.
Near the shop is a set of gates. This is where the parade ends. Next to them is the entrance to Discovery Arcade.
Time to dance down Main Street, left for the biggest shop, The Emporium, right is Flora’s Boutique (named after Walt’s mum)

The Emporium takes up the top left half of Main Street.  TBH it doesn’t stock anything you can’t get more calmly elsewhere and I have no intention of lingering.  The right top side is much more interesting with the Boardwalk Candy Palace (FUDGE, CHOCOLATE! Mmmmmmmm. Carry on, I’ll catch up with you)

Main Street USA is full to flags of little details, from period appropriate flags (there are 45 stars on the USA Flag rather than 50 as this is America of 1901) to the stories going on the phones in various shops on the right hand side. Wander round, look at the names on the windows.  Say thanks because these are the people who made Disneyland. The train station announcements are a nice detail (voiced by lead designer Eddie Sotto) and you can hear a music teacher getting terribly angry with her useless student near the deli not to mention screams of the dentist patient.

The arcades are practically a museum. Liberty Arcade has more details about the construction and inauguration of The Statue of Liberty than can be absorbed as well as sightly odd tableau of the event itself. Discovery Arcade is home to a series of really lovely models of inventions taken from the Patent Office.

I’m not going to list all the shops and restaurants, we will be here all day and this blog is full of restaurants.  Walts is my current favourite place.  Each room is themed to a land and has some amazing artwork. Right, you guys have a dance around.  I will meet you at the centre of the hub (the area in front of the castle).

Decision time!

Welcome to the hub.  In front of us is the most beautiful Disney Castle of all, inspired by Mont St Michel and every fairytale castle you can think of.  I love Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  Quick photo please.

We are surrounded by 5 lands. Clockwise from our left: Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland and Main Street USA behind us.

No arguments, we are moseying on down to the old west. Left to Frontierland, recently tarted up to its former glory. Past the Native American Indian encampment and through Fort Comstock (named after the head gardener, Paul Comstock), sometimes closed in the wet, this is a great walk through with representations of character of the time of the western expansion of the USA. One of the best photos in the resort can be taken on the bridge of Big Thunder Mountain.  Up to the left is Phantom Manor.  These two are MUST DO attractions although they can be intimidating for young children. Check height restrictions on the map and at the entrance.

BTM, PM and Fort Comstock are all linked to the back story of this land which tells the tale of gold rush riches to society wedding failure and murder.  Who said Disney was all about happy endings?

If you fancy a gentle ride then board the Molly Brown, a paddle steamer voyage around the rivers of the old west then grab some lunch at Fuente Del Oro or Cowboy Cookout which is further round past the entrance to BTM. This back area of Frontierland is a grand place to sit, have a beer and watch the world go by.  You can only buy beer with meals in the parks. Two more things to show you here. Chapperal Theatre and Pocahontas Play Park.

BIGGEST TIP:  if you have kids under 12 you will be very wise to throw the rugrats in Pocahontas Play area.  We have spent many a happy hour watching the kids blow off steam after standing in queues and getting frazzled by big attractions.  I have so often heard parents tell their kids about how much they have spent to get to DLP and didn’t spend that so the kids can clamber and slide in a play area.

Once again, checkout the restaurant posts but don’t miss Silver Spur, a lovely saloon themed restaurant.  To my mind Frontierland is the most immersive celebration of a world that has long since gone (if it ever truly existed) and has a coherent story to tell.

Enough hanging around enjoying yourself. Get up, get your bum in gear we are off back to the hub.  You don’t have to return to the hub to move between Frontier and Adventureland but that is what we are going to do.

Adventureland is surprisingly big with the fewest number of attractions, it is a mixture of Arabian fantasy stories, adventure films and pirates.  Walking through the archway (look under the torches to see the letters WDI, Walt Disney Imagineering, on the plaque.  A little egocentric detail!) On your right is Agrabah Cafe and tucked away on the left is Le Passage Enchante d’Aladdin.  If you wish to explore Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage (stop sniggering at the back) then please do. it is a nice retelling of the story in model form.

Moving swiftly onwards, past the Curious Giraffe shop and bear left. Two good counter service restaurants along here. Hakuna Matata and Colonel Hathis are well worth stopping for a second lunch.  We are heading towards our next roller coaster.  The short but sweet Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril.  This is a good step up for coaster newbies after BTM. It features a single loop and is a tad faster than BTM but MUCH shorter.

I know, I’ve made you eat pizza, drink beer and now tipped you upside down on a rollercoaster. I never said this was going to be easy.

We backtrack. As we walk pass Colonel Hathis (more pizza anyone?) you can see a path leading to Frontierland.  There is another path next to Hakuna Matata.

On your left you will see a bridge leading to Adventure Isle.  AI is an interesting place.  It is a series of mazes, bridges, caves, and a tree house telling the tale of The Swiss Family Robinson.  Watch the film if you haven’t. Yes it was made by Disney in 1960 but is fun.  My kids love dragging me around AI, up and down the steps in search of the treasure in Davy Jones’ Locker, exploring the bouncy bridges and Skull Rock.  There is another play area here called Pirates Beach.  As with Pocahontas it is worth a visit.

Exit this area via Skull Rock and you will discover the recently re built Pirates Of The Caribbean.  PotC inspired the film and ironically the film has now become part of the ride.  It is another must do.

I’m in a quandary now. I had planned to enter each land via the hub but frankly that is too far to walk and I’m old. So, exit PotC, turn left and head towards Fantasyland.  So many rides, so many shops in which to spend your money, some very special details.

Here’s the map. Wander, but don’t miss Peter Pan’s Flight (it’s right next us on your left) or It’s A Small World.  IASW is yet another must do. Trust me, you will love the song…

Before we go on IASW you will pass the time-sucking experience that is the Princess Pavillion.  Queue to meet a Disney Princess.  I have waited 2 hours before and longer times are not unheard of.

There are no words adequate to describe the joy of IASW, it is a true Disney experience and one created by Walt himself for the 1964 worlds fair in New York.  If you have watched the film Tomorrowland I’m afraid that it won’t happen. Even if you are wearing the badge.  Try it. If you have no idea what I’m going on about then watch the film.

Ok, still singing it?  Good. At the back of Fantasyland are 2 rides which are often overlooked.  Casey Junior is a very child friendly and gentle coaster and Le Pays des Contes de Fees is a storybook boat ride.  Both are lovely.  Incidently you can often see characters lurking near these rides.

Back to the castle.  On your left is Auberge du Cendrillion here you can meet Princesses whilst you dine at an exorbitant price. Worth it if you can’t be asked to queue.

There is a dragon under the castle, it is a beautiful animatronic creature and is there for no reason other than it is a lovely idea. The castle itself is a true work of art, have a wander around the gallery. The story of Sleeping Beauty is told in Tapestry, Stained Glass and Tableau.

Out we go back to the hub. Would you believe we have only one more land.

Discoveryland is in a state of flux.  Originally designed as a the future as created by visionary writers such as Jules Verne it has morphed into a celebration of creative vision from sources such as Verne, George Lucas and the Pixar staff.  It has lost some of its coherence for me but it is improving.

Before we go any further, I love Star Wars but it is encroaching a little too much for me.  Space Mountain is the biggest and fastest coaster in this park and it is still awesome although I am not a fan of Star Wars being added in. Star Tours 2 is a superb ride and Meet Darth Vader is great fun.  In fact, all of the rides in Discoveryland are quiet simply brilliant it is just that the land needs time to get its story going again after a year of being rebuilt.

This brings us back to the hub again.  Seriously, I have only scratched the surface.   We haven’t talked about characters so let us have a coffee and a sit down.  We can do some meet and greets.

There are 2 ways you can meet the gang.  Formal, controlled queue lines such as Princess Pavillion, Darth Vader, Mickey, and the guys around Town Square and the hub.  Dead easy this one, find the character you want to see.  Join the queue.

Then there is the dreaded scrum.  Sometimes a character will appear, usually by IASW (still singing the song?) or Casey Junior and a circle of guests will form all desperate to get the photo.  Sometimes it gets a bit fraught.  Go with the flow, stand your ground politely and be charming. The cast members will control the crowd but you are not guaranteed to get that photo. Characters will be discussed in more detail elsewhere in the blog.

Shows and Parades.

Don’t miss them! The shows change seasonally so check before you go. Make sure you arrive 40 minutes before the start time to get a good seat.  Please don’t sit in the middle of the row.  Move to the end.  Squeeze up, there is a lot of us to get in.

The current parade is called Stars On Parade.  It is spectacular.  I have seen a lot of Disney Parade but this one is truly amazing

Personally, I love to watch from outside IASW (still singing it?), it gets busy.

Finally, it’s the end of the day.  Everyone still with me. Two more things to see. The night-time projection and firework show Illuminations is a most do once. It is at the park closing so can be very late.  For me the bars are calling so I rarely watch it but as a special treat I shall join you for this viewing.  Get there 45 mins before to secure your spot.  People will shove, people will stand in front of you. I know, it is what it is.  As with the character scrums just be patient.

Heading out after the show, walking up Main Street USA look up at the station. Mickey will be there to say good-bye.  Give the main mouse a wave. He deserves it.

Altogether now: 🎶It’s A Small World After All, It’s A Small World After All🎶


Disneyland Hotel Castle Club

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few trips to Castle Club in the Disneyland Hotel and our latest stay was at the end of November 2016, just in time to take in all the sparkly magic of Christmas season.

This trip was to celebrate our young daughter’s birthday and our anniversary. At the time of booking we weighed up whether to go for four nights in a park view room or five nights in a non park view – the cost was roughly the same. We eventually decided to go for five nights – the lure of an extra day with Mickey and friends was too much for us!

The night before checking into Castle Club we stayed off site at the Relais Spa to ensure that we could check in early and enjoy a full day in the park. On arrival at the hotel, our luggage was taken and we were escorted up to Castle Club reception.

Castle Club occupies the top two floors in the central part of the hotel and is accessed by a private lift. This lift also delivers Castle Club guests to the park turnstiles, just one of the many lovely benefits of staying there.  

A warm welcome met us at reception and we were provided with our park tickets, VIP fastpasses, and a Castle Club lanyard. 

Our room was ready and didn’t disappoint – it was spacious, clean and in good condition with a balcony over-looking Fantasia Gardens. We’d been in touch with Castle Club a couple of months before arrival to arrange some festive extras and with the large Christmas tree, garlands and Christmas bed runners in place the room looked really beautiful. Much-appreciated extra touches were the champagne, chocolates, Rapunzel doll and autograph book awaiting us; we felt very spoilt. 

Our stay was pretty much perfect from beginning to end and nothing is too much trouble for the fabulous Castle Club Cast Members. We started each day with breakfast in the Castle Club lounge; it’s a sumptuous affair with continental and hot food on offer, views over the Castle and the company of the characters. The characters appear in pairs and rotate every 20/30 minutes. It really is the best interaction we’ve had at DLP. The lounge is calm and intimate so the characters can really take their time with you; our daughter was in her element and loved every second.

Each afternoon we headed back to the lounge for afternoon tea, a delicious selection of sandwiches, cakes and pastries. After using our VIP fastpasses to enjoy endless rides on Buzz it was good to kick back and enjoy some cake. And then some more cake!

One of the beauties of Castle Club is being able to relax in the lounge at the end of the day and watch Illuminations (or Dreams as it still was during our stay) whilst they dim the lights and pipe in the music. We did this every night of our stay; we had intended to watch Dreams at least once in the park but the temptation to watch from the comfort of the lounge with a hot chocolate was too great.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Castle Club is an expensive option, but I really think you get bang for your buck – VIP fastpasses, access to the ‘Magic Lift’, breakfast with the characters, afternoon tea and complimentary soft and hot drinks served all day in the lounge. The Cast Members ensure you feel like royalty and if you’re looking for a special treat then I can’t recommend it enough.

Adagio Marne La Vallee Val d’Europe

We did a one night, pre-Disney stopover at the Adagio.  It’s an aparthotel situated in Val d’Europe and provides a shuttle bus to the parks which we didn’t use as we were driving.  We had a one bedroom apartment for our family of 4, holidaying with friends, a family of 5.


It’s close to the Val d’Europe shopping centre which we’ve never visited.  There’s a supermarket nearby and restaurants, if you want a break from the parks.  Boot Hill Flora recommends a visit for stocking up on snacks, supplies if you fancy cooking for yourself or a mooch around the shops.  We walked to the train station and headed into Paris for the afternoon and evening.  It can’t have been far as the children all did it without a moan.


The apartment was far more spacious than I thought it would be.  Parts of it looked a little tired but it was very clean.  The living space had sofas, table and chairs and a small kitchen area.  There was a kettle and coffee maker, dishwasher, microwave and hob.  A small cleaning kit was provided with a couple of dishwasher tablets.  All we did was make a cuppa and wash up.  Our children slept in the living room on the sofa beds – they were thrilled it was two single beds rather than sharing.  There’s often a lot of sharing in the hotels!  We had a small room with a double bed.  It was very comfortable and everyone had a good night’s sleep – the blackout curtains really helped.

There is a pool which we didn’t have time to use.  We did make use of the gated parking, we paid on check-in although as it was a Sunday, our friends parked on the roads.  It was fairly busy there and we were more than happy to pay for the secure parking.  The hotel also offers a breakfast buffet for a fee and they also had bread and pastries you could buy to eat in your apartment.  We were keen to get to Disney so left before breakfast to make the most of Extra Magic Hours and grabbed a pastry and a drink in Starbucks in the village.  It was a really short drive – I was quite surprised!

The Bars!  

Ok, so you’ve had a manic day in the parks. The kids are shattered and all you really want to do is to crash out, have a glass of wine, cocktail, beer, soft drink, other beverage of choice.  Quite simply there are lots of choices. All bars serve alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails as well as hot and cold drinks of every type. Many also serve snacks.

If you are staying onsite your hotel will have a bar but you aren’t stuck with just using that one.  You can visit any of the other hotels and explore (you can’t use a different hotel’s leisure facilities but you can use bar and shop). In the above menu or in the links below you will find the various bars on or near the resort.  In this article I’m just going to give an overview of the potential for drinking soberly (or not) your way round Disneyland Paris.

First off on our virtual pub crawl.

I have just walked out the park gates and I’m already dying of thirst.  Head in to Disneyland Hotel.  Don’t know where you’re going? Ok, as you come to the park exit you can either go left or right. Steer left and after the gates you will see on your left Guest Storage (it’s for luggage, not for keeping naughty guests) and on your right a bridge. Under the bridge on your left is a white revolving door. In you go, this is the lobby of Disneyland Hotel, round you go and up the main stairs, turn right, up the next flight of stairs and turn left. You are now walking over the bridge! Keep going, past the shop (if you can. It is a very nice shop) and you will come to a large room with Cafe Fantasia on your left. In need of the loo? Keep going and they are on your right.

Cafe Fantasia is beautiful, themed around music and the stunning Disney Film. You can either order at the bar or a server will (eventually) come to your table.  The house red wine here is a lovely Bordeaux.  Highly recommended. The server will usually materialise with a platter of olives, nuts, crisps.  Allergy sufferers note!

Drinks are never cheap in Disneyland Paris. This is the most expensive but calmest.

Come on, drink up. Onto the next.

Back the way you came and head towards Disney Village.

First bar you come to:  Planet Hollywood for cocktails? Aw, go on then.  Up the stairs. I know, right. Alcohol and stairs is a recipe for disaster. Don’t panic. This is the last but three bars with stairs.  Disney pedants will be screaming “What about Colonel Cody’s Saloon?”  Well, we haven’t got tickets for Buffalo Bills Wild West Show so we can’t go in there.  If you have time, go and see BBWWS. It is amazing.  Anyway, back to Planet Hollywood.  Their own cocktails are pretty strong but their alcohol free milkshakes are fab.

Finished?  On we go.  Down the stairs and turn right, continuing down the village.  Next bar is King Ludwigs.  Wonderful German beer.  Try the tasting flight.  Blond, Dark and Wheat beer.  Oh, it is fab.

Come on, come on. My favourite next. Billy Bob’s Country & Western Saloon.  Great fun if there is a band on, watch the dancing and perhaps join in a salsa class.  Toilets behind the stairs. Opposite Billy Bobs is Sports Bar.  Large outdoor and covered area.  Loos are at the back of Sports Bar near the arcade.  You may be needing them at this point.  Sports Bar do great snacks so grab some chips, have a beer and watch the big screen.  Not for long, we need to keep moving.

Time for somewhere quieter.  Head towards the lake, turn left and you will see Hotel New York.  Walk through the security exit and keep going. You will see a large area which is either used as a ice rink or for karting. At the back of which is a fountain, behind which are three triangle shaped windows.  The middle one is the door.

In you go, bar on the left. Toilets further round to the left and shop to the right.  Jazz îs the theme here.  Table or bar service. I’m not a huge fan.  It feels a little of its time and the upcoming refurbishment is long overdue.

Drink up.

We are going down the river.  Out the hotel and turn left.  Follow the signs for Hotel Cheyenne.  Walking along the Rio Grande River, walk under the road bridge and eventually you will come to the first of two bridges over the river. Walk on to the second bridge and turn left. In front of you is Chuck Wagon Cafe and to its right Red Garter Saloon. Bar service only. Love it here. Sit out side and have a beer watching the kids haring around like lunatics.  The loos are behind the restaurant, in the Saloon, turn left and into reception. Walk round the kids play area.  The shop is on your left here.

What? You want to move on already?  Ok.  Out the way you came, over the bridge and into Hotel Sante Fe.  Bit of a walk here but follow your nose and you will see the main building ahead of you. Shop straight ahead and La Cantina and Rio Grande Bar is to the left.  Bar service only. I really find this place loud and boring. I never linger, loos are opposite the shop. I want to crack on to Sequoia Lodge.

Out the hotel and turn left walking on the opposite side of the river now. Keep going to Lake Disney and turn left. Hotel New York on your right.  Keep going and you will come to the entrance to Sequoia Lodge. In we go. Reastaurants either side of us, go through the arch and up the stairs.  Shop is to the left, toilets to the right. Bar in the middle.

Great snacks if you fancy a ham and cheese roll or charcuterie. Bar and slowwwwwwww table service.

Will grab a Glowtini and stagger onwards! Back the way we came and turn left once by the lake. See the huge Newport Bay? That’s your target.

Upstairs and turn left. Into the lovely Captains Quarters. Toilets are further along the corridor and the shop is opposite the bar.

There you go. All the Disney Bars in one night. We can’t go to Davy Crockett as we’re in no fit state to drive and there isn’t a bus. What do you mean you are still thirsty? Ok. Back to the village and head towards the hotel bus stops.  We are off to Explorers Hotel and the amazingly child friendly Traders Bar, next a stroll to Excalibur in Dream Castle, Bar Des Artistes in Magic Circus and L Abreuvoir in Kyriad.  It’s impossible to do all this in one night. I’ve tried.  Have fun trying though.