Cowboy Cookout

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Sadly, I’ve neglected this wonderful restaurant for far too long, but upon rediscovering it last year I can honestly say it’s one of my favourites! The food here is delicious, and I love that it’s a little bit tucked away around the back of Frontierland. The interior is lovely, a big barn with huge wooden beams, hanging lamps and often a live band, which I think is great.


4 menus are on offer, and as far as I’m aware there isn’t an A La Carte menu. The menus range from 12,99€ to 15,99€, with only the 12,99€ menu not including a dessert. I absolutely love the 13,99€ Menu 2, which is half a roast chicken with barbecue sauce, salad or potato wedges, a dessert and a drink. The chicken is well seasoned, has never been dry when I’ve had it, and they neither overload or scrimp on the barbecue sauce.  Menu 4 is 15,99€ and consists of barbecue ribs with salad or potato wedges, a dessert and a drink. The meat really falls off of the bone and is so succulent and delicious! On top of this, the portions are big and I never leave feeling anything less than full to the brim!

Left – Menu 4 main course; barbecue ribs with potato wedges. Right – Menu 2 main course; half chicken with barbecue sauce and potato wedges


Much like in other restaurants I’ve eaten in, the CM’s were very happy to swap my dessert from the brownie and fruit cup which I’m allergic to, to the Greek yoghurt. Furthermore, I visited Cowboy Cookout once with a friend who doesn’t eat cheese, and they were happy to take the cheese out of her burger – we just had to wait a few minutes extra for them to cook a new burger for her as all they ready to go ones had cheese in, but it was great. Originally, they thought she was lactose intolerant, so proceeded to tell us what she could have that’s was good for those who are lactose intolerant, so that’s good to know for anyone who can’t have lactose. (Apologies as I can’t remember what they actually said was safe for those who are lactose intolerant as we were only interested in the cheese)


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