Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich is a counter service restaurant located right by the lake at the hotel end of the Disney Village.

It’s a large building with plenty of seating, and often (like most of the village eateries) is nice and quiet at lunchtime.

This is when we’ve always eaten there and never had a queue or to wait too long for our food.

You queue and order your sandwiches as a desk,  follow round to pick up extra bits/drinks and then pay at the counter.

You’re given a pager which then lights and buzzes once your sandwiches are ready. That’s what makes EoS a standout for me, everything is made to order, so it’s always hot and fresh.

The menu can be found on the official site – Here

I pretty much always have the Hawaiian BBQ (chicken, BBQ sauce, pineapple, cheese and ham.) and it’s amazing. But have also tried the Chipotle Chicken, Earl’s Club and Original and all are super yummy. If you like sandwiches you’ll love this place.

The kids menu is good too, with ham and cheese toasties and hot dogs it’s always a hit with my little one.

Special mention for the brownies and brownie pudding – very yummy.



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