Market House Deli

See the current menu here.

Without fail, the first thing I do when I arrive at Disneyland, after my luggage has been put in Guest Storage and I’m back in the magic, is head to Market House Deli for one of their Croque Monsieurs. I’ve never had one I’ve enjoyed as much as I have at Disneyland (the same ones are sold in Blockbuster Café so if you’re in the Studios you can still get them!) The ham is thick and succulent, the emmental cheese melty and rich, and the bread thick and soft. Honestly, my mouth is watering right now, and yours should be too!

On top of Croque Monsieurs however, they do offer other food. Small pizzas (they call them bruschetta in there but it’s not what I’d call a bruschetta) with rocket and plum tomatoes, sandwiches, salads, wraps and a whole host of little desserts. You may think it is quite expensive, especially when some of the other places may be cheaper, however the food is filling in there. I’ve been with some friend’s children who shared a bruschetta or Croque Monsieur, so they are definitely worth the money!

The only downside is that although technically there is a lot of seating, a huge portion is outside and so in the winter it is very hard to find a seat in there. Other than that, I love it and it’s now my tradition to start my trips in there!