Restaurant Hakuna Matata – Review

Probably my favourite Counter Service in DLP is Hakuna Matata.

Located in Adventureland it serves amazing fast food with a slight African twist.  (Click Here for menu)


I’d love to say we’ve tried it all, but when I’m in there it’s for two things:
Hakuna 2

1 – The chicken strips (slightly spicy, very yummy) with Hakuna Fries (also slighty spicy and REALLY yummy.

The spice really is very mild (my daughter has eaten them happily since she was a baby and she’s not that into spicy food.) but give it all a nice flavour and makes a good change from regular fast food.

Now if you look towards the top of that photo you’ll see the second (and if I’m honest, more important) reason a trip to Hakuna is always on the cards for me when I’m in DLP…

Pineapple and Coconut tart!

Hakuna1My favourite sweet treat in all of Disneyland Paris.

They’re baked fresh onsite and are so delicious.

Soft coconut sponge with chunks of real pineapple.

They’d be great accompanied by a Pineapple Whip……

This I just made a plan for my next visit!


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