Walt Disney Studios Park

Morning all!  Today is going to be a bit more leisurely than the mania of a day in Disneyland Park

WDS opens later than its bigger sibling and affords a much more relaxed pace.  Lets grab some breakfast and meet at the park gates at 9am.

Spot the hidden Mickeys around the gates, three circles representing a mickey head.  You can find them in loads of places, there isn’t a definitive list and no prizes for finding them but it is fun to spot them.

This park opened 10 years after the first one (March 16th 2002) and is only just becoming a full day out. Its theme was a replica of a working film studio and quite frankly it didn’t really work.  There were few rides and only one bit of true production going on in thankfully long closed TV Tour.  Man, that was boring.  Disney Channel France is still broadcast from here but no making of TV shows happens.

Through the farting turnstiles and into the courtyard.  Huge shop on the left and Studio services on the right for lost property, dining reservations, general assistance and giving great feedback about how good the CM are.

You will also see at the far end of the building Pushchair and Wheelchair rental.

Behind the Mickey statue are the doors to Studio 1, welcome to Hollywood! The right side of this huge set is a single fast food restaurant called Restaurant En Coulisse whereas the left is a shop.  The frontages are lovely and there are lots of great photos to be had. Go and have an explore, lots of details such as the caricatures of Hollywood legends and the carpet from Aladdin.  Go and mooch.

Out we go and into the park.  Here in front of us is my favourite piece of Disney Art. Partners.  Partners is the statue of Walt holding Mickey’s hand and behind him is Hollywood BoulevardStudios (3)

Let’s head right into Animation Courtyard.  First up is The Art of Animation, a celebration of all things Disney cartoon and home to a meet and greet of the latest star. There are rumours that this attraction will be undergoing significant changes soon which is a shame as it is home to the only MultiPlane Camera on public display.

Moving round we next arrive at the simply incredible Mickey and the Magician MatM show. You must not miss this it is stunning.

We are now approaching Pixar in the form of Toon Studios. When WDS first opened there was quite simply just one ride for little kids.  Flying Carpets Over Agrabah was a swiftly dragged in sop to “something for the kiddies” and for years it felt out of place and pointless. Fast forward a few years and the Cars ride, Crush’s Coaster followed by Toy Story Playland and Ratatouille arrived so that meant that FCOA was doubly out of place. So much for cohesive theming and planning. A rare jarring moment.

Anyhoo, there are loads of fun rides Crush is a spinning coaster and can be intense for little fans of Nemo, Cars is another opportunity to be made giddy but the most beautiful ride here is Ratatouille, Remy’s Adventure: Unique to DLP (until EPCOT in Walt Disney World get their version) it draws VERY long queues.Studios (28)

Next to which is the best restaurant (only table service) in the park Bistro Chez Remy. BCR is great fun, shrunk to the size of a rat, you are served Remy’s speciality in one of the nicest themed restaurants.

Leaving this area through the tunnel you emerge out of a Barrel Of Monkeys, still tiny but no longer a rat, you are one of Andy’s Toys in his back garden.

There are 3 rides here all of which enable you to be either dropped, spun or swung.

I have a problem with 3 of the rides in WDS. I’m quite simply a fat bloke and I don’t fit in Cars ride, Crush’s Coaster doesn’t lend itself to large people and RC Racer I can only fit in the front row seats.  Salad for lunch I think.

Onwards, keep up.  Tram Tour is next. This has 2 brilliantly made special effect set pieces. Fire and water and maybe a little frightening for tiny ones.

I’m hungry.  As we head towards the next big attraction we can stop off at Cafe Des Cascadeurs. This is the oldest building in the resort. Have a look at our blog page.

Moteurs Action, I’m a petrol head.  Love this so much.  Genuine, highly skilled stunts and is superb.

Next up is the fastest roller coaster in DLP, Rock and Roller Coaster has the fastest launch (quicker than a Formula 1 car) and most inversions.

Do it. At least 3 times.

As we stagger giddily from RnRC we see the next attraction on our left. Armageddon: Special Effects.  Opposite that are the toilets. I’m going loo. You can do Armageddon. Then you will see why I didn’t.

Nearly done, in front of us is the TV building which once contained Cyberspace Mountain and TV Production Tour, both thankfully long since gone and replaced by Disney Junior, a must see puppet show if you have preschoolers with you. I’m excused seeing it now as my kids are far too old for it.  Next to Disney Junior is the brilliantly clever Stitch Live.  Both of these shows are available in French or English, times for each language are displayed at the entrance to each attraction.

Ok, we have the biggest and best saved for last.  Turn round, look up. There it is.

Tower Of Terror.  Oh, I love this ride. Stunning theme, beautifully designed and serious fun.

Go on, go for it!  What’s the worst that can happen?

I shall leave you plummeting forever into the fourth dimension and head off for a beer.  See you in the Billy Bobs later.