Cafe Mickey

Character Dining in Disney Village

See Disney’s official information here.

Approximately 4-5 Disney characters will visit your table while you enjoy a set menu of Italian cuisine.

  • Lunch and dinner are served here.
  • Price is €65 per adult and €35 per child.
  • Included in the Premium Meal Plan.
  • You may supplement your Standard and Plus Meal Plans vouchers to pay for this meal.

Book by adding to your Disney package (pay in full in advance), or book by phoning the Advanced Dining Reservations Line up to 60 days before your chosen date (pay on the day).  +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50 

(Boot Hill Blog advises making a reservation, especially during school holidays and at weekends.)

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Auberge de Cendrillon Review

See the Current menu here

This is a premium restaurant.  You may supplement your standard and plus meal plan vouchers to pay for your meal.


Described by Disney as ‘Fairytale dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table’ Auberge de Cendrillon is in Fantasyland.  It’s a beautiful stone building with Cinderella’s carriage to admire and have photos in front of.  I regret not having a better look around really so definitely worth taking the time to have a wander.  Inside there is a fireplace, and paintings telling Cinderella’s story.



We were met by a very friendly castmember, who took our name and then took the arm of the youngest member of our family, who was dressed in her Cinderella outfit and led us to our table.  The castmember serving us was attentive and friendly throughout our meal.


I’ve read several reviews where people say that you eat here for the characters and not for the food.  This really wasn’t the case for us.  We had looked at the menus before we went and thought they looked great.  I was going to order the 25th anniversary menu set menu.  My children are classed as adults now so I had been a bit worried about what they would eat but there really wasn’t any need.  We were given little cheese pastries to start and a Prince’s cocktail each.  Both were delicious.  We had premium meal vouchers which also included a soft drink each.

My eldest daughter began with the king prawns, she really loved the little vegetable stir fry that came with this as well.  She then had the turbot which came in a most beautiful sauce and finished with Cinderella’s dessert.

My youngest daughter tried the soup to start, it was quite sweet and she enjoyed it.  She chose the chicken to follow, and we asked for the sauce to be on the side, which wasn’t a problem at all.   She chose mashed potato to go with this, which was cheesy so she only ate a little.  Again, she chose the Cinderella dessert to finish which she loved.  The pillow was made up of lovely layers of yumminess!

I chose from the 25th menu, which I had really been looking forward to.  The softest scallops I’ve ever eaten and a beautifully cooked piece of beef to follow – I like rare so I was pleased to have it as it came without specifying.  My 25th dessert was delightful!

We ate with a friend and her daughter.  The children’s starter was smoked salmon stuffed with some soft cheese and our youngest diner didn’t really eat this – although she was very distracted by the Princesses.  She chose chicken and pasta for her main, again the sauce came on the side.  She ate all of this and it was a good sized portion.  Our final diner had the vegetarian option of soup and mushroom pasta.


This was our first visit to ADC but our fourth trip to Disneyland Paris.  Belle is my youngest daughter’s favourite princess and we had yet to meet her so I was really keeping my fingers crossed.  We were bounding as Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Gus so were thrilled on entering to spy Rapunzel and Belle alongside Cinderella.  A dream come true! My twelve year old was absolutely thrilled to finally meet Belle and certainly didn’t feel too old for a big hug! Suzy and Perla were fabulous and we had fabulous interaction because of the Gus bound! Perla ran to get Suzy to show her and they both stood and kissed me!

What a fabulous experience this was.  We were there for two hours, didn’t feel rushed at all and were really pleased with the interaction.


Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant



Victoria’s is in keeping with the theme and era of Main Street USA.  It is a counter-service restaurant where you can find American-style sandwiches and snacks.



The decor is really lovely, and as with some of the other restaurants, if you look closely you will find some clever little details.




Click here to see our full Restaurant Overview.



Boot Hill Ted’s Review of Victoria’s

We are here at about 1:30pm and there was a small queue. It did get longer after we sat down. There was just enough seats, but there are extras outside the restaurant if it’s very busy.

The selection of sandwiches was limited (3 options) but they were all quite nice. May not suit fussy eaters as there was salad, mustard etc. on them. I don’t think you can order them plain as they appeared to be pre-made.

I ordered a ‘Victoria’s Menu’ which is a sandwich, side of salad or crisps, and a drink. This was €12.


Fuente del Oro Restaurante


See the current menu here.

Fuente del Oro is an American South-West themed Counter Service restaurant situated in Fronteirland in Parc Disneyland.  Here you can have some Mexican-inspired dishes such as Enchiladas and Fajitas.

When you walk into this restaurant you’ll be greeted by lovely colourful themed decor, some of it based on the movie ‘Coco’.  There is seating provided both indoors and outdoors.



The set menus include a main, side, dessert and drink.  I can highly recommend the Loaded Fries!  The Churros are very popular and can be bought separately.  You can also visit Fuente del Oro for an ‘Instant Délice’ (drink and snack), with an option of a souvenir mug.



Click here to find out about other Restaurant options at Disneyland Paris.


The Boot Hill guide to DisneyBounding


What is DisneyBounding?

DisneyBounding was created by Leslie Kay and is what happens when you combine Disney and Fashion.  You choose a Disney character and create an outfit inspired by them using clothes you already own, or can get in a high street shop.

DisneyBound is meant to be inspiration for you to pull together your own outfits which work for your body and wallet whether from your closet or local mall.

-Lesie Kay,



Credit: DisneyBound UK


Are there any rules?

You can wear a DisneyBound any day of the year; at home, at work, or to Disney Parks.  You can do a casual look, or a more dapper look; it’s up to you!  Be as creative as you like.

Where do the rules come in then?  DisneyBounding is not the same as wearing a costume.  That is considered cosplay, and is a different genre.  The lines between the two can get blurred a little sometimes, and this can cause issues at Disney Parks.

You can read Disneyland Paris’s Theme Park Rules here.


Why can’t adults wear costumes to the Disney parks?

We … reserve the right, at our own discretion and at any given time, to refuse a visitor the right to wear any type of costume… that Euro Disney Associés S.C.A. would consider as inappropriate or if it would impede the operation while posing as or portraying any character in costume. The same rule applies for accessories considered to breach security or be a danger in our attractions (capes, sticks, etc.).

Children up to the age of 12 may wear costumes at Disney Parks.  Adults that are dressed in a way that might make them resemble a character or Cast Member can cause confusion for other park guests, and especially children.  Disney reserve the right to refuse anyone who may “detract from the experience of other guests.”

On special occasions, such as the Hallowe’en Soirée and the RunDisney races, adults may wear costumes, but there are still guidelines to be followed (no masks etc.).


What else isn’t allowed?

  • Costume Wigs.
  • Props, such as lightsabers.
  • Clothing with multiple layers are subject to search upon entry.
  • Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics.
  • Clothing which exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.
  • Masks.


So, what can I wear?

The possibilities are endless!  Start by looking for block colours in your wardrobe that remind you of Disney characters.  Maybe yellow jeans and a red t-shirt for Winnie the Pooh, or a white skirt, red belt and purple top for Aladdin.

Accessories are where you can really have fun with a Disneybound.  A shell necklace for Ariel, a bow and arrow necklace for Merida, a flower hairclip for Lilo…. the more creative, the better!  There are lots of sellers on Etsy that cater for this.

Many people like to wear themed Mickey Mouse Ears to match their Bound, where as some people prefer to wear hats or headscarves in a colour that complements their outfit.




Is Disneybounding just for women?

Absolutely not!  Men and children can take part in the fun, too!




What is ‘Dapper Day’?

Step out in style!

Started in February 2011, DAPPER DAY® Events celebrates refined style from yesterday and today by organizing elegant outings and social events with distinguished locations including Disney parks, and more.

DAPPER DAY Events celebrate the tradition of “stepping out in style” and are meant to showcase you at your best. We do not aim to recreate a specific period. All sophisticated attire is encouraged from vintage-inspired classics to chic, contemporary looks.

Dapper Day is an opportunity to wear your ‘Sunday Best’.  Vintage looks are commonly seen at Dapper Day but are not a necessity.  Costumes or cosplay are not allowed.

What has Dapper Day got to do with DisneyBounding?  Well, nothing, officially, but many people like to combine the two trends.



Credit: DisneyBound UK



Where can I get ideas for Disneybounds?

The best place for inspiration is Leslie Kay’s blog,, which is updated almost daily.

Pinterest is full of ideas too.

Also, try Facebook groups for DisneyBounding discussion, chats, advice and meet-ups!



Credit: Leslie Kay,


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