Welcome to Boot Hill Blog, as this site grows and develops we hope it will provide a useful resource for your Disneyland Paris Planning.

We will be developing sections on the resort itself as well as restaurant reviews, photos, guides, menu information and meal plan hints and tips.

Quick round of introductions.

I am Boot Hill Colonel, I’ve been visiting DLP since 1997 and, in over 50 visits, have managed to eat in every restaurant, drink in every bar and go on every ride.  My interest in Disney is it’s theme park history, Imagineering design and park trivia!  I do love my food and drink…

Hello! I’m Boot Hill Melanie Ravenswood. You may have guessed I have quite the obsession with Phantom Manor and it’s tragic backstory. I could quite happily ride it all day and watch that ghostly ballroom scene….I live and breath Disney and DLP. I enjoy learning the history of Disney and learning the way DLP works. My favourite restaurant is Bistro Chez Remy. Yummy!

I’m Boot Hill Pooh and I love meeting characters. Pooh and Eeyore are two of my favourites but I love them all! I’m not a fan of the big rides but have braved space mountain but am happiest on the likes of ratatouille and Buzz lightyear!

I’m Boot Hill Belle and I’ve been visiting DLP regularly with my family since 2011. I’m a big wuss who prefers the gentle rides, but most of my enjoyment comes from the parades, shows and watching my daughter interact with the characters. Christmas season is my absolute favourite time to visit; to me, it’s DLP at it’s most magical!

I’m Boot Hill Ariel; my passion for DLP started in 2012 and my family and I visit for regular doses of magical escapism as much as we can. My favourite place to stay is Sequoia Lodge, Golden Forest Club, and I can’t resist a bit of swashbuckling on Pirates of the Caribbean. Other favourites are Phantom Manor and Big Thunder Mountain (in the dark, of course!) I love the vegetarian options at DLP and am very excited to try the new and improved ‘Captain Jack’s’ when it reopens!

Hi! Im Boot Hill Mary Poppins. I’ve been visiting Disney Parks since 1993 and Disneyland Paris since 1996. I’m very partial to the more luxurious side of Disney trips and a lover of the shows and parades. Though I’ll always find time to ride my beloved Tower of Terror whether I’m in Paris, Orlando or Anaheim! (Let’s pretend Guardians makeover didn’t happen!) My must eats at DLP are Hakuna Matata Pineapple tarts, Inventions buffet, Pineapple Whips and Earl of Sandwich.

Hello. I’m Boot Hill Baloo. I’m a sentimental old sap who loves absolutely anything Disney! You might guess my favourite character is the big grey bear, who I adore. I’m really interested in the design of the parks and all the little details, so I really enjoy just wandering around and taking the time and stop and just look at the surroundings. I love Walt Disney Studios as all my favourite rides are there: Tower of Terror, Slinky Dog and Cars Quatre Roues Rallye (though I’m still gutted at the loss of Animagique). Food and drink-wise I’m quite partial to a Casey’s Corner cheesedog with the little crispy onion bits and a blue Glowtini or two.

Hi, I’m Boot Hill Ted. I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain!  I’ve been lucky enough to have been visiting DLP since 1992.  Being there for the 25th Anniversary Celebrations was a very special moment for me.  I visit with friends or with my children, who are also big fans, ride junkies, character hunters and foodies.  We took part in the Inaugural RunDisney Races last year and I will be returning for them again this year.  I love Disneybounding in the parks and sometimes at home.  I’m very partial to the red haribo sweets at DLP, so you might find me in the corner of a buffet restaurant scoffing them (Inventions is my favourite).

I’m Boot Hill Rose – I’ve been visiting DLP since 1993 when I fell in love with it. I’m lucky enough to have stayed at all the onsite hotels including the Disneyland Hotel where I spent my honeymoon. I have been a member of the shareholders club for the last 8 years (until it’s recent demise). My favourite ride is Big Thunder Mountain, favourite restaurant is Walts and my favourite film is Beauty and my Beast which started my love of Disney.

I’m Boot Hill Cheshie and my love of Disney started when I saw Bambi at the tender age of 7, I’ve been visiting Disneyland Paris since it opened in 1992 and have been about 20 times.
I’ve been a shareholder twice and have held an annual pass for the last couple of years.
We started taking our daughter when she was 2 and our son had his first visit at 4 months old – since then Disney has been a big part of their lives too.
My favourite ride has got to be Big Thunder Mountain and my favourite restaurant would either be Inventions or Walt’s.
I’m rather partial to a pomme d’amour and love just about every dessert on offer within the parks xx

I’m Boot Hill Baggins. I love visiting Disneyland Paris. It’s my home resort and I love it more than WDW. I love the fact you can loop the loop on Space Mountain, that Big Thunder Mountain is on an Island and Dreams of Disney! gave birth to technology used all over the other resorts. Oh, and I like buffets.
I was a holder of shares until recently, I am currently a holder of a Dreams AP and also hold a disability pass. My favourite ride is actually a Small World – if only for the reason I have to check each and every doll to make sure they are moving, and have not disappeared. Cue a little scream if one is missing….

Hiya, I’m Boot Hill Flora! I’ve been visiting DLP since I was 2, and became an AP holder in 2016. I’m a huge lover of the table service restaurants, with my favourite being Walt’s, however can always be tempted into munching on the ribs at Cowboy Cookout! I love looking at old photos of how the parks have evolved, and can spend hours wrapped up in the Sketch to Reality and 20 Years of Dreams books. I’ve been lucky enough to stay in all the onsite hotels, but I don’t remember the Cheyenne as I was too young, so that’s next on my DLP bucket list to tick off!