Welcome to Boot Hill Blog!

Quick round of introductions.

I am Boot Hill Colonel, I’ve been visiting DLP since 1997 and, in over 50 visits, have managed to eat in every restaurant, drink in every bar and go on every ride.  My interest in Disney is it’s theme park history, Imagineering design and park trivia!  I do love my food and drink…

Hi! Im Boot Hill Mary Poppins. I’ve been visiting Disney Parks since 1993 and Disneyland Paris since 1996. I’m very partial to the more luxurious side of Disney trips and a lover of the shows and parades. Though I’ll always find time to ride my beloved Tower of Terror whether I’m in Paris, Orlando or Anaheim! (Let’s pretend Guardians makeover didn’t happen!) My must eats at DLP are Hakuna Matata Pineapple tarts, Inventions buffet, Pineapple Whips and Earl of Sandwich.

Hi, I’m Boot Hill Ted. I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain!  I’ve been lucky enough to have been visiting DLP since 1992.  Being there for the 25th Anniversary Celebrations was a very special moment for me.  I visit with friends or with my children, who are also big fans, ride junkies, character hunters and foodies.  I have taken part in all 3 Magic Run Events at DLP so far.  I love Disneybounding in the parks and sometimes at home.  I’m very partial to the red haribo sweets at DLP, so you might find me in the corner of a buffet restaurant scoffing them (Inventions is my favourite).