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The Bars!  

Ok, so you’ve had a manic day in the parks. The kids are shattered and all you really want to do is to crash out, have a glass of wine, cocktail, beer, soft drink, other beverage of choice.  Quite simply there are lots of choices. All bars serve alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails as well as hot and cold drinks of every type. Many also serve snacks.

If you are staying onsite your hotel will have a bar but you aren’t stuck with just using that one.  You can visit any of the other hotels and explore (you can’t use a different hotel’s leisure facilities but you can use bar and shop). In the above menu or in the links below you will find the various bars on or near the resort.  In this article I’m just going to give an overview of the potential for drinking soberly (or not) your way round Disneyland Paris.

First off on our virtual pub crawl.

I have just walked out the park gates and I’m already dying of thirst.  Head in to Disneyland Hotel.  Don’t know where you’re going? Ok, as you come to the park exit you can either go left or right. Steer left and after the gates you will see on your left Guest Storage (it’s for luggage, not for keeping naughty guests) and on your right a bridge. Under the bridge on your left is a white revolving door. In you go, this is the lobby of Disneyland Hotel, round you go and up the main stairs, turn right, up the next flight of stairs and turn left. You are now walking over the bridge! Keep going, past the shop (if you can. It is a very nice shop) and you will come to a large room with Cafe Fantasia on your left. In need of the loo? Keep going and they are on your right.

Cafe Fantasia is beautiful, themed around music and the stunning Disney Film. You can either order at the bar or a server will (eventually) come to your table.  The house red wine here is a lovely Bordeaux.  Highly recommended. The server will usually materialise with a platter of olives, nuts, crisps.  Allergy sufferers note!

Drinks are never cheap in Disneyland Paris. This is the most expensive but calmest.

Come on, drink up. Onto the next.

Back the way you came and head towards Disney Village.

First bar you come to:  Planet Hollywood for cocktails? Aw, go on then.  Up the stairs. I know, right. Alcohol and stairs is a recipe for disaster. Don’t panic. This is the last but three bars with stairs.  Disney pedants will be screaming “What about Colonel Cody’s Saloon?”  Well, we haven’t got tickets for Buffalo Bills Wild West Show so we can’t go in there.  If you have time, go and see BBWWS. It is amazing.  Anyway, back to Planet Hollywood.  Their own cocktails are pretty strong but their alcohol free milkshakes are fab.

Finished?  On we go.  Down the stairs and turn right, continuing down the village.  Next bar is King Ludwigs.  Wonderful German beer.  Try the tasting flight.  Blond, Dark and Wheat beer.  Oh, it is fab.

Come on, come on. My favourite next. Billy Bob’s Country & Western Saloon.  Great fun if there is a band on, watch the dancing and perhaps join in a salsa class.  Toilets behind the stairs. Opposite Billy Bobs is Sports Bar.  Large outdoor and covered area.  Loos are at the back of Sports Bar near the arcade.  You may be needing them at this point.  Sports Bar do great snacks so grab some chips, have a beer and watch the big screen.  Not for long, we need to keep moving.

Time for somewhere quieter.  Head towards the lake, turn left and you will see Hotel New York.  Walk through the security exit and keep going. You will see a large area which is either used as a ice rink or for karting. At the back of which is a fountain, behind which are three triangle shaped windows.  The middle one is the door.

In you go, bar on the left. Toilets further round to the left and shop to the right.  Jazz îs the theme here.  Table or bar service. I’m not a huge fan.  It feels a little of its time and the upcoming refurbishment is long overdue.

Drink up.

We are going down the river.  Out the hotel and turn left.  Follow the signs for Hotel Cheyenne.  Walking along the Rio Grande River, walk under the road bridge and eventually you will come to the first of two bridges over the river. Walk on to the second bridge and turn left. In front of you is Chuck Wagon Cafe and to its right Red Garter Saloon. Bar service only. Love it here. Sit out side and have a beer watching the kids haring around like lunatics.  The loos are behind the restaurant, in the Saloon, turn left and into reception. Walk round the kids play area.  The shop is on your left here.

What? You want to move on already?  Ok.  Out the way you came, over the bridge and into Hotel Sante Fe.  Bit of a walk here but follow your nose and you will see the main building ahead of you. Shop straight ahead and La Cantina and Rio Grande Bar is to the left.  Bar service only. I really find this place loud and boring. I never linger, loos are opposite the shop. I want to crack on to Sequoia Lodge.

Out the hotel and turn left walking on the opposite side of the river now. Keep going to Lake Disney and turn left. Hotel New York on your right.  Keep going and you will come to the entrance to Sequoia Lodge. In we go. Reastaurants either side of us, go through the arch and up the stairs.  Shop is to the left, toilets to the right. Bar in the middle.

Great snacks if you fancy a ham and cheese roll or charcuterie. Bar and slowwwwwwww table service.

Will grab a Glowtini and stagger onwards! Back the way we came and turn left once by the lake. See the huge Newport Bay? That’s your target.

Upstairs and turn left. Into the lovely Captains Quarters. Toilets are further along the corridor and the shop is opposite the bar.

There you go. All the Disney Bars in one night. We can’t go to Davy Crockett as we’re in no fit state to drive and there isn’t a bus. What do you mean you are still thirsty? Ok. Back to the village and head towards the hotel bus stops.  We are off to Explorers Hotel and the amazingly child friendly Traders Bar, next a stroll to Excalibur in Dream Castle, Bar Des Artistes in Magic Circus and L Abreuvoir in Kyriad.  It’s impossible to do all this in one night. I’ve tried.  Have fun trying though.

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

See the current menu here.

Colonel Hathi’s is a counter service restaurant, with three set menus plus a kid’s menu. As far as I’m aware, there is not an A La Carte menu at present. Menu 1 (12,99€) is pasta, a side and a drink, Menu 2 (13,99€) is lasagne, a side, a dessert and a drink, and Menu 3 (14,99€) is a pizza, a side, a dessert and a drink.

The pasta is delicious; either Neapolitan or Bolognese. I’ve had the Neapolitan and it was yummy – it didn’t taste artificial or like it had been sitting around for ages and was piping hot. My only gripe was that my sauce was on top of the pasta and mixing it through in the little box was a pain.

The pizzas are my go-to; big enough to share, or great if you’ve got a late dinner reservation and need to keep yourself going all afternoon. Both the Royale and 3-cheese are delicious, loaded with cheese, and the ham on the Royale is so nice – thick and yummy, not watery or artificial. They’re filling and well worth the money, even more so if sharing!

The sides are salad, or a large slice of garlic baguette, which I always go for! My knowledge of the desserts is limited due to my allergies, but I can definitely recommend the Greek yoghurt!


I love it in here, it never seems too busy and I’ve always found a table easily. Quite often there is a live band playing drums and singing and they are excellent! However, it is quite loud and so if you fancy a quieter counter-service lunch this probably isn’t the ideal place.

Location-wise, it’s good too! Based in Adventureland, but right by the other entrance to Frontierland, it is very easily accessible if you’re over that side of the park, but still tucked away enough to always be crammed full. If you want the same food as Bella Notte but it’s busy or closed, head to Colonel Hathi’s!


Being allergic to both nuts and some fruits can make the set menu counter services a little difficult, as I can’t have the brownie or the fruit cup which is often the dessert on offer. I mentioned this to the CM serving us, and he offered any of the other desserts. The only thing I sometimes find when getting a dessert switched is that they don’t always put it through the till, and so I’ll sometimes be given the wrong dessert when I collect the food, but a quick explanation and it’s all sorted and I’ve never had an issue.

Market House Deli

See the current menu here.

Without fail, the first thing I do when I arrive at Disneyland, after my luggage has been put in Guest Storage and I’m back in the magic, is head to Market House Deli for one of their Croque Monsieurs. I’ve never had one I’ve enjoyed as much as I have at Disneyland (the same ones are sold in Blockbuster Café so if you’re in the Studios you can still get them!) The ham is thick and succulent, the emmental cheese melty and rich, and the bread thick and soft. Honestly, my mouth is watering right now, and yours should be too!

On top of Croque Monsieurs however, they do offer other food. Small pizzas (they call them bruschetta in there but it’s not what I’d call a bruschetta) with rocket and plum tomatoes, sandwiches, salads, wraps and a whole host of little desserts. You may think it is quite expensive, especially when some of the other places may be cheaper, however the food is filling in there. I’ve been with some friend’s children who shared a bruschetta or Croque Monsieur, so they are definitely worth the money!

The only downside is that although technically there is a lot of seating, a huge portion is outside and so in the winter it is very hard to find a seat in there. Other than that, I love it and it’s now my tradition to start my trips in there!

Auberge de Cendrillon

Princess Lunch and Dinner at Cinderella’s Tavern in Fantasyland.

• Approximately 6 Disney characters including Princesses and Cinderella’s mice will visit your table while you enjoy a set menu in the surroundings of Cinderella’s story.

• Lunch from 12pm, Dinner available seasonally.

• €75 per adult, €45 per child. (children under 3 are free)

• Book lunch by adding to your Disney package (pay in full in advance), or book by phoning the Advanced Dining Reservations Line up to 60 days before your chosen date (pay on the day).  +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50 

• Included in Premium Meal Plan.


You may supplement your Standard and Plus Meal Plans vouchers to pay for this meal.



Click here for information on other Character Dining options.

Plaza Gardens Restaurant

Enjoy character breakfast, or a buffet lunch or dinner (no characters) at this Victorian-style restaurant on Main Street USA.

Character Breakfast at Plaza Gardens

Approximately 4-5 Disney characters will visit your table while you enjoy a hot and cold breakfast buffet in Disneyland Park.

Buffet includes juices, cereals, breads, pastries, preserves, cold meat, cheese, fruit, eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, fried potatoes, eggs, pancakes, crepes and more!

• Two sittings per day; 8:15am and 9:45am.

• €35 per person (children under 3 are free)

• Book by adding to your Disney package (pay in full in advance), or 3 days before your chosen date (pay on the day).

• Included in Premium Meal Plan

• Supplement your Hotel, Standard and Premium Meal Plans from €5-€25pp


Click here for other character dining options.


Redwood Bar and Lounge

Location: Sequoia Lodge

The Redwood Bar and Lounge is located in the heart of the Sequoia Lodge and is accessible from a variety of entrances. The main feature is the fireplace; made of stone and often housing a roaring fire, the sofas located around it are the perfect place to chill out and plan what to get up to the next day. It has a very cosy and welcoming feel, and children are welcome. Bar snacks are available, such as crisps, little chorizo sausages, sandwiches and also hot snacks. Drinks are priced in accordance to the hotel rating; slightly cheaper than the Newport Bay, but slightly more expensive than the Hotel Cheyenne and Santa Fe.

Not the greatest photo, but you can see how inviting it looks!

Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich is a counter service restaurant located right by the lake at the hotel end of the Disney Village.

It’s a large building with plenty of seating, and often (like most of the village eateries) is nice and quiet at lunchtime.

This is when we’ve always eaten there and never had a queue or to wait too long for our food.

You queue and order your sandwiches as a desk,  follow round to pick up extra bits/drinks and then pay at the counter.

You’re given a pager which then lights and buzzes once your sandwiches are ready. That’s what makes EoS a standout for me, everything is made to order, so it’s always hot and fresh.

The menu can be found on the official site – Here

I pretty much always have the Hawaiian BBQ (chicken, BBQ sauce, pineapple, cheese and ham.) and it’s amazing. But have also tried the Chipotle Chicken, Earl’s Club and Original and all are super yummy. If you like sandwiches you’ll love this place.

The kids menu is good too, with ham and cheese toasties and hot dogs it’s always a hit with my little one.

Special mention for the brownies and brownie pudding – very yummy.