Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

See the current menu here.

Colonel Hathi’s is a counter service restaurant, with three set menus plus a kid’s menu. As far as I’m aware, there is not an A La Carte menu at present. Menu 1 (12,99€) is pasta, a side and a drink, Menu 2 (13,99€) is lasagne, a side, a dessert and a drink, and Menu 3 (14,99€) is a pizza, a side, a dessert and a drink.

The pasta is delicious; either Neapolitan or Bolognese. I’ve had the Neapolitan and it was yummy – it didn’t taste artificial or like it had been sitting around for ages and was piping hot. My only gripe was that my sauce was on top of the pasta and mixing it through in the little box was a pain.

The pizzas are my go-to; big enough to share, or great if you’ve got a late dinner reservation and need to keep yourself going all afternoon. Both the Royale and 3-cheese are delicious, loaded with cheese, and the ham on the Royale is so nice – thick and yummy, not watery or artificial. They’re filling and well worth the money, even more so if sharing!

The sides are salad, or a large slice of garlic baguette, which I always go for! My knowledge of the desserts is limited due to my allergies, but I can definitely recommend the Greek yoghurt!


I love it in here, it never seems too busy and I’ve always found a table easily. Quite often there is a live band playing drums and singing and they are excellent! However, it is quite loud and so if you fancy a quieter counter-service lunch this probably isn’t the ideal place.

Location-wise, it’s good too! Based in Adventureland, but right by the other entrance to Frontierland, it is very easily accessible if you’re over that side of the park, but still tucked away enough to always be crammed full. If you want the same food as Bella Notte but it’s busy or closed, head to Colonel Hathi’s!


Being allergic to both nuts and some fruits can make the set menu counter services a little difficult, as I can’t have the brownie or the fruit cup which is often the dessert on offer. I mentioned this to the CM serving us, and he offered any of the other desserts. The only thing I sometimes find when getting a dessert switched is that they don’t always put it through the till, and so I’ll sometimes be given the wrong dessert when I collect the food, but a quick explanation and it’s all sorted and I’ve never had an issue.


Coming soon…