Cafe Mickey

Character Dining in Disney Village

See Disney’s official information here.

Approximately 4-5 Disney characters will visit your table while you enjoy a set menu of Italian cuisine.

  • Lunch and dinner are served here.
  • Price is €65 per adult and €35 per child.
  • Included in the Premium Meal Plan.
  • You may supplement your Standard and Plus Meal Plans vouchers to pay for this meal.

Book by adding to your Disney package (pay in full in advance), or book by phoning the Advanced Dining Reservations Line up to 60 days before your chosen date (pay on the day).  +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50 

(Boot Hill Blog advises making a reservation, especially during school holidays and at weekends.)

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Auberge de Cendrillon Review

See the Current menu here

This is a premium restaurant.  You may supplement your standard and plus meal plan vouchers to pay for your meal.


Described by Disney as ‘Fairytale dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table’ Auberge de Cendrillon is in Fantasyland.  It’s a beautiful stone building with Cinderella’s carriage to admire and have photos in front of.  I regret not having a better look around really so definitely worth taking the time to have a wander.  Inside there is a fireplace, and paintings telling Cinderella’s story.



We were met by a very friendly castmember, who took our name and then took the arm of the youngest member of our family, who was dressed in her Cinderella outfit and led us to our table.  The castmember serving us was attentive and friendly throughout our meal.


I’ve read several reviews where people say that you eat here for the characters and not for the food.  This really wasn’t the case for us.  We had looked at the menus before we went and thought they looked great.  I was going to order the 25th anniversary menu set menu.  My children are classed as adults now so I had been a bit worried about what they would eat but there really wasn’t any need.  We were given little cheese pastries to start and a Prince’s cocktail each.  Both were delicious.  We had premium meal vouchers which also included a soft drink each.

My eldest daughter began with the king prawns, she really loved the little vegetable stir fry that came with this as well.  She then had the turbot which came in a most beautiful sauce and finished with Cinderella’s dessert.

My youngest daughter tried the soup to start, it was quite sweet and she enjoyed it.  She chose the chicken to follow, and we asked for the sauce to be on the side, which wasn’t a problem at all.   She chose mashed potato to go with this, which was cheesy so she only ate a little.  Again, she chose the Cinderella dessert to finish which she loved.  The pillow was made up of lovely layers of yumminess!

I chose from the 25th menu, which I had really been looking forward to.  The softest scallops I’ve ever eaten and a beautifully cooked piece of beef to follow – I like rare so I was pleased to have it as it came without specifying.  My 25th dessert was delightful!

We ate with a friend and her daughter.  The children’s starter was smoked salmon stuffed with some soft cheese and our youngest diner didn’t really eat this – although she was very distracted by the Princesses.  She chose chicken and pasta for her main, again the sauce came on the side.  She ate all of this and it was a good sized portion.  Our final diner had the vegetarian option of soup and mushroom pasta.


This was our first visit to ADC but our fourth trip to Disneyland Paris.  Belle is my youngest daughter’s favourite princess and we had yet to meet her so I was really keeping my fingers crossed.  We were bounding as Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Gus so were thrilled on entering to spy Rapunzel and Belle alongside Cinderella.  A dream come true! My twelve year old was absolutely thrilled to finally meet Belle and certainly didn’t feel too old for a big hug! Suzy and Perla were fabulous and we had fabulous interaction because of the Gus bound! Perla ran to get Suzy to show her and they both stood and kissed me!

What a fabulous experience this was.  We were there for two hours, didn’t feel rushed at all and were really pleased with the interaction.


Auberge de Cendrillon

Princess Lunch and Dinner at Cinderella’s Tavern in Fantasyland.

• Approximately 6 Disney characters including Princesses and Cinderella’s mice will visit your table while you enjoy a set menu in the surroundings of Cinderella’s story.

• Lunch from 12pm, Dinner available seasonally.

• €75 per adult, €45 per child. (children under 3 are free)

• Book lunch by adding to your Disney package (pay in full in advance), or book by phoning the Advanced Dining Reservations Line up to 60 days before your chosen date (pay on the day).  +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50 

• Included in Premium Meal Plan.


You may supplement your Standard and Plus Meal Plans vouchers to pay for this meal.



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Walts – An American Restaurant

See the current menu here.


I have only been lucky enough to eat in here once, and it was honestly the best meal I’ve eaten at Disneyland. Most of the restaurant is on the floor above shops such as Lilly’s Boutique etc., but the entrance is on Flower Street. The entrance features a grand lobby full of artwork and images detailing the start of Walt Disney’s work; from creating Mickey Mouse to Snow White. The dining area is split into rooms, each of which is themed as follows; Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Disneyland Hotel and Grand Canyon. We ate in the Fantasyland room, which has a gothic edge to it, whilst concept art from the early animations adorn the walls.

The whole restaurant is beautiful, and I liked that it’s split into rooms, as it feels more cosy and intimate despite being a pretty big restaurant. I would recommend booking in advance, we were incredibly lucky to get the reservation we did on the day (it was a spontaneous decision to eat there) as it was the only slot left.


The service we received was absolutely impeccable, we had a 16:00 reservation on our last day. The parade at 17:30 goes past Walt’s and it is recommended to get a window seat if you want to watch the parade from your seat. We did not have a window seat and planned to have finished our food before the parade. However, due to no fault of Walt’s, we had not had our dessert by 17:30, so the staff were more than happy to hold off on our desserts and keep our table reserved so we could go and watch the parade and then return to have dessert. Service was efficient, but not rushed, and I plan to return as soon as I possibly can.


The food was incredible, the closest to fine dining I’ve had at Disneyland Paris. @boothillcheshie and I both had the smoked tomato velouté, which had a little tower of tomatoes, basil, and slightly cooked onions, and the velouté was poured over it at the table from a glass teapot, which was a nice touch. My main course was a beautifully tender lamb shoulder, with macaroni cheese, vegetables and one of the most delicious red wine sauces I’ve ever eaten. For main, @boothillcheshie had the Charolais beefburger with chips and homemade chilli, which was delicious also. For dessert, we both had the pineapple upside-down cake with basil sorbet, a vanilla cream and passion fruit coulis. My only fault was that it wasn’t an upside-down cake like I expected, it was more of a cake with a piece of cooked pineapple placed on top. The pineapple hadn’t been cooked into the cake, and didn’t have that syrupy sauce that tends to come with an upside-down cake. Despite this, it was phenomenal – the basil sorbet was sublime and had that lovely sort of “weird but wonderful” taste you get with unusual foods.

Smoked tomato velouté (no longer available on current menu)
Lamb shoulder (no longer available on current menu)
Charolais beefburger with chilli
Pineapple upside-down cake


In terms of allergies, we were catered for fantastically. We had an great CM as our waiter, I could not fault him he was absolutely brilliant. I said I was allergic to nuts, to which he replied, “I better leave then” making us really laugh! He brought over the allergy tick sheet, and luckily everything I wanted was all fine, with one exception. I really wanted the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, which had nuts in.

On the tick sheet, peanut is classed as one allergen, and all other nuts as another allergen. I’m not allergic to almonds, and so asked which nuts were in the cake. He then showed me another page in the book, which has all items on the menu and every single ingredient in every dish on offer, which is a brilliant resource. The specific nut in the pineapple upside down cake is almond, so I was all good to have it which was great, and it was so delicious.

I genuinely could not fault my meal there, there is not a single aspect I thought could have been improved on and cannot wait to return to sample more of what looked like a delicious menu which seemed like it would cater to a lot of people.

Silver Spur Steakhouse




See Disney’s official information here.

Silver Spur is located in Frontierland in Parc Disneyland, right in the middle of the town of Thunder Mesa.  The theming is that of a Western-style gentlemen’s club, where steak is a speciality.

You can book a meal at Silver Spur Steakhouse by phoning the Advanced Dining Reservations Line up to 60 days before your chosen date (pay on the day).  +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50.  You may also book via your hotel concierge, or at the restaurant itself.




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