Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates

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Plaza Gardens Restaurant

Enjoy character breakfast, or a buffet lunch or dinner (no characters) at this Victorian-style restaurant on Main Street USA.

Character Breakfast at Plaza Gardens

Approximately 4-5 Disney characters will visit your table while you enjoy a hot and cold breakfast buffet in Disneyland Park.

Buffet includes juices, cereals, breads, pastries, preserves, cold meat, cheese, fruit, eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, fried potatoes, eggs, pancakes, crepes and more!

• Two sittings per day; 8:15am and 9:45am.

• €35 per person (children under 3 are free)

• Book by adding to your Disney package (pay in full in advance), or 3 days before your chosen date (pay on the day).

• Included in Premium Meal Plan

• Supplement your Hotel, Standard and Premium Meal Plans from €5-€25pp


Click here for other character dining options.


Sequoia Lodge – Standard

In recent years, if we’re staying onsite, we tend to go with the Sequoia Lodge. Priced slightly lower than the Newport Bay but more expensive than the Cheyenne and Santa Fe, I personally believe it’s the best value for money hotel of the seven onsite. I’ve only stayed in the winter, and most of the time it’s been Christmas (hence the decorations in most of my photos), but the hotel is beautifully cosy, and really feels lovely, warm and welcoming.



I think the location of the hotel is brilliant; you get the opportunity to walk through Disney Village, but it isn’t too far, around 10 minutes from the park entrance. The hotel is split into the main building, 5 smaller buildings, and the pool/gym building. The five smaller buildings are a little walk from the main part, and hence to get to breakfast you do have to walk outside, however these rooms are cheaper and I like the quietness and the fact they’re smaller. The five outbuildings are named after national parks; Yellowstone, Yosemite, Big Sur, Monterey and Sierra.

Check-in area

Room and amenities

The rooms consist of two double beds, much like most other Disney hotels and are themed around Bambi and the Canadian forests; think lots of pine trees, exposed wood and roaring fires in the evenings.

The Sequoia Lodge has an indoor and outdoor pool for guests staying there, with a hot tub, a slide, and sauna. The small fitness suite is also in this building. Towels provided in the room are not to be taken to the pool, so either take your own or you can hire them there for 2€ each.

The Redwood bar is a really lovely place to relax in the evening; situated in the main building its relatively large, but not imposing, has huge leather sofas, a roaring fire and is ever so cosy – perfect after a chilly day in the parks!

There is a small play area near the bar to keep little ones entertained, and it is possible to meet characters in the hotel also.

In-room amenities are detailed on the amenities post, which you can find here.

Redwood Bar at Christmas


If you choose to have breakfast at the hotel, it is a buffet with cold meats and cheese, croissants, pain au chocolat, yoghurts, fruit, toast, cereals and other similar items. They do not serve hot food at the Sequoia Lodge breakfast unless you opt for a Golden Forest room.

In the evening, Beaver Creek Tavern and Hunters Grill offer buffets (they offer the same food). I have been impressed with what’s been on offer; often a roasted meat with potatoes, some rice dishes, fish dishes and then some dishes you wouldn’t necessarily find at all buffets such as ribs, fresh prawns, and/or beef bourguignon for example.375400_523993137619256_1167606491_n


Overall, I really recommend the Sequoia Lodge; it feels personal and not too corporate, caters for all in my opinion, and is well priced given how lovely and cosy it is!

Lucky Nugget Saloon

See the current menu here.

I ate in the Lucky Nugget Saloon last year, and really was pleasantly surprised. I’d not researched it whatsoever, and was expecting the usual counter service style place; queue up and pay, collect your food and then find a seat, but the Lucky Nugget is actually more of a counter service and table service hybrid! It is located on the left as you pass through the entrance to Frontierland that is near Casey’s Corner, and offers a Tex-Mex style cuisine.


Upon entry, you are handed a menu from which you order right at the door. Once you’ve ordered and paid, you are shown to a seat – the inside of this place really is stunning! It’s like a theatre, and throughout the day they have puppets on the stage, and a Toy Story show at certain times. The puppets tell the story behind the Lucky Nugget Saloon; I won’t spoil it but it focusses on Diamond Lil, who stumbled on a lucky golden nugget and decided to spend it on building the saloon. It’s really good entertainment – not too loud or intrusive but nice as a background to a nice lunch.

Inside the saloon, seating consists of tables in the centre and also a long bar all around the edge which is slightly raised higher than the centre area with tables


Food and service

Once ordered, this is where Lucky Nugget varies from other places. Food is served in little baskets, and your drinks and mains are brought to your table, as opposed to you collecting them. Once done your baskets of food are cleared for you, and desserts then brought over. The food was exquisite – I had the ribs and the meat really does fall off of the bone, which for me is absolutely perfect. The ribs come with onion rings and chips, as well as a drink and dessert, for 21,99€. Yes, it is expensive, and subsequently, I wouldn’t eat there every day, but it is reflected in the sort-of table service you receive, the show you watch, and the portions you receive. I would definitely recommend it, and if you’re looking for something between a sit-down table service meal, and a quick counter service meal, and you’re happy to pay the price which also sits between table and counter service, I’d definitely pay the Lucky Nugget Saloon a visit.

Pizzeria Bella Notte

For the current menu, see here.

I absolutely love Bella Notte, for a whole multitude of reasons; the portions are great, the food is delicious, the location is brilliant, and the prices are wonderful!

Bella Notte is a counter service restaurant, with three set menus plus a kid’s menu. As far as I’m aware, there is not an A La Carte menu at present. Menu 1 (12,99€) is pasta, a side and a drink, Menu 2 (13,99€) is lasagne, a side, a dessert and a drink, and Menu 3 (14,99€) is a pizza, a side, a dessert and a drink.

The pasta is delicious; either Neapolitan or Bolognese. I had the Neapolitan and it was yummy – it didn’t taste artificial or like it had been sitting around for ages and was piping hot. My only gripe was that my sauce was on top of the pasta and mixing it through in the little box was a pain.

The pizzas are my go-to; big enough to share, or great if you’ve got a late dinner reservation and need to keep yourself going all afternoon. Both the Royale and 3-cheese are delicious, loaded with cheese, and the ham on the Royale is so nice – thick and yummy, not watery or artificial. They’re filling and well worth the money, even more so if sharing! My only wish is that they were Mickey-shaped, like the kid’s ones are!

The sides are salad, or a large slice of garlic baguette, which I always go for! My knowledge of the desserts is limited due to my allergies, but I can definitely recommend the Greek yoghurt!

I had the Hotel Meal Plan in February, and vouchers can be used at Bella Notte. To ensure we had food for both the first and last day, the group of 4 I went with used 2 vouchers on the day we arrived, and shared pizzas, garlic bread, a dessert and drink, and saved the other 2 vouchers for our final day. I can assure you despite only having half a pizza each, we definitely did not go hungry either!


I personally think the location of Bella Notte is brilliant; it’s at the entrance to Fantasyland, so not on the edges of the Disneyland Park and can hence be reached quickly from wherever you are really. Also, it’s a brilliant place to nip into before or after the parade as it’s right at the end/start of the route (depending on which way it’s going). It is a little dark inside, the place would definitely benefit from more lighting, but the servers are efficient and I go back time and time again, so would definitely recommend it!


Being allergic to both nuts and some fruits can make the set menu counter services a little difficult, as I can’t have the brownie, the ice cream or the fruit cup which is often the dessert on offer. At Bella Notte, I normally get Menu 3 and cannot have either dessert. On multiple occasions, I’ve explained this to the CM serving us, and they have offered any of the other desserts. The only thing I sometimes find when getting a dessert switched is that they don’t always put it through the till, and so I’ll sometimes be given the wrong dessert when I collect the food, but a quick explanation and it’s all sorted and I’ve never had an issue.

Cape Cod

See the current menu here.

Priced at 34,99€ for adults and 24,99€ for children it does specialise in fish, and does an excellent job of it, but still caters well for those not big fans of fish, just maybe not as amazingly as other places. This buffet is really wonderful , and I would happily eat here if I didn’t want the price tag and characters that Inventions offers, it really was delicious and a lovely meal. I last ate in here in February 2017, and had a wonderful time.


This was heavily fish-orientated; king prawns in shells, bullots, smoked salmon, various patés and some pasta salads as well as a small selection of salad-y bits such as leaves, croutons etc.


I was seriously impressed with what was on offer here. For the fish lovers, the showstopper was a whole salt-encrusted sea bass, carved in front of you which was incredible. Cod in a creamy sauce, salmon with tomatoes, beautifully cooked tuna steaks and mussels in white wine sauce were on offer, and it all looked stunning. For those not so fussed about fish, there was still a wonderful selection. Pasta dishes, both vegetarian, and with meat all looked delicious, a personal favourite was the tortellini. On top of this a curried beef stew and a joint of lamb carved in front of you were also available. Sides such as chips, various vegetables (green beans, carrots, baby corn to name a few) and roast potatoes were available. Finally, for kids, there was the usual pizza slices, fish or chicken nuggets, chips, and pasta with either a pesto or bolognese sauce.


If it serves île flottante, it’s a good restaurant in my eyes! However, for those whose lives don’t revolve around meringue and crème anglaise, I think you’d still be happy here. Crème brûlée, rice pudding and coulis, jelly, fresh fruit, fruit tarts, waffles and chocolate sauce to name a few!


Service here was good – it is a large restaurant and was very busy and so service was slower than I’ve had in other places at Disneyland. However, the servers were all cheery, welcoming and made conversation with us, which made up for things like the drinks and bill taking a little longer to arrive.


In terms of allergies, this was a little different to other restaurants. After having seen the allergy tick sheet at previous buffets, I was surprised when I was told there wasn’t one in Cape Cod. However, the CM took me to the head chef, who took me around the buffet at a lovely slow pace, and explained very clearly what was and wasn’t safe for me, and also said that he could do me plain grilled fish or meat of my choice with vegetables, or he could remake anything in a sauce without the nuts in it so I could have the cod in creamy sauce that was available.


Walts – An American Restaurant

See the current menu here.


I have only been lucky enough to eat in here once, and it was honestly the best meal I’ve eaten at Disneyland. Most of the restaurant is on the floor above shops such as Lilly’s Boutique etc., but the entrance is on Flower Street. The entrance features a grand lobby full of artwork and images detailing the start of Walt Disney’s work; from creating Mickey Mouse to Snow White. The dining area is split into rooms, each of which is themed as follows; Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Disneyland Hotel and Grand Canyon. We ate in the Fantasyland room, which has a gothic edge to it, whilst concept art from the early animations adorn the walls.

The whole restaurant is beautiful, and I liked that it’s split into rooms, as it feels more cosy and intimate despite being a pretty big restaurant. I would recommend booking in advance, we were incredibly lucky to get the reservation we did on the day (it was a spontaneous decision to eat there) as it was the only slot left.


The service we received was absolutely impeccable, we had a 16:00 reservation on our last day. The parade at 17:30 goes past Walt’s and it is recommended to get a window seat if you want to watch the parade from your seat. We did not have a window seat and planned to have finished our food before the parade. However, due to no fault of Walt’s, we had not had our dessert by 17:30, so the staff were more than happy to hold off on our desserts and keep our table reserved so we could go and watch the parade and then return to have dessert. Service was efficient, but not rushed, and I plan to return as soon as I possibly can.


The food was incredible, the closest to fine dining I’ve had at Disneyland Paris. @boothillcheshie and I both had the smoked tomato velouté, which had a little tower of tomatoes, basil, and slightly cooked onions, and the velouté was poured over it at the table from a glass teapot, which was a nice touch. My main course was a beautifully tender lamb shoulder, with macaroni cheese, vegetables and one of the most delicious red wine sauces I’ve ever eaten. For main, @boothillcheshie had the Charolais beefburger with chips and homemade chilli, which was delicious also. For dessert, we both had the pineapple upside-down cake with basil sorbet, a vanilla cream and passion fruit coulis. My only fault was that it wasn’t an upside-down cake like I expected, it was more of a cake with a piece of cooked pineapple placed on top. The pineapple hadn’t been cooked into the cake, and didn’t have that syrupy sauce that tends to come with an upside-down cake. Despite this, it was phenomenal – the basil sorbet was sublime and had that lovely sort of “weird but wonderful” taste you get with unusual foods.

Smoked tomato velouté (no longer available on current menu)
Lamb shoulder (no longer available on current menu)
Charolais beefburger with chilli
Pineapple upside-down cake


In terms of allergies, we were catered for fantastically. We had an great CM as our waiter, I could not fault him he was absolutely brilliant. I said I was allergic to nuts, to which he replied, “I better leave then” making us really laugh! He brought over the allergy tick sheet, and luckily everything I wanted was all fine, with one exception. I really wanted the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, which had nuts in.

On the tick sheet, peanut is classed as one allergen, and all other nuts as another allergen. I’m not allergic to almonds, and so asked which nuts were in the cake. He then showed me another page in the book, which has all items on the menu and every single ingredient in every dish on offer, which is a brilliant resource. The specific nut in the pineapple upside down cake is almond, so I was all good to have it which was great, and it was so delicious.

I genuinely could not fault my meal there, there is not a single aspect I thought could have been improved on and cannot wait to return to sample more of what looked like a delicious menu which seemed like it would cater to a lot of people.

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Overview

Whatever your taste or budget, with over 60 restaurants, there’s something to suit almost everyone at Disneyland Paris.

Browse the restaurants below by their location within the Disneyland Paris Resort.

Disneyland Park ~ Walt Disney Studios ~

Disney Village ~ Disney Hotels


Click here for Restaurant Opening Hours

Click on each Restaurant name to see its menu, price, meal plan information, supplements, reviews and more.


QS – Quick Service, CS – Counter Service, B – Buffet, TS – Table-Service,

CD – Character Dining, DS – Dinner Show

Disneyland Park

Main Street USA





  • Café Hyperion (CS)


Walt Disney Studios

Front Lot

  • Restaurant En Coulisse (CS)

Production Courtyard

  • Restaurant des Stars (B)

Back Lot

Toon Studio

  • Bistro Chez Remy (TS)


Disney Village

  • Annette’s Diner (TS)
  • Billy Bob’s (Bar)
  • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (DS)
  • Café Mickey (TS)
  • Earl of Sandwich (CS)*
  • Five Guys (CS)*
  • King Ludwig’s Castle (TS)*
  • La Grange at Billy Bob’s (B)
  • Mc Donald’s (CS)*
  • New York Style Sandwiches (CS)
  • Planet Hollywood (TS)*
  • Rainforest Café (TS)*
  • Sports Bar (Bar)
  • Starbuck’s (CS)*
  • The Steakhouse (TS)
  • Vapiano (CS)*

*not owned by Disney


Disney Hotels

Disneyland Hotel

Hotel New York

Newport Bay Club

Sequoia Lodge

Hotel Cheyenne

Hotel Santa Fe

  • La Cantina (B)

Davy Crockett Ranch

Golf Disneyland

  • Club-House Grill (TS)


Got a free meal plan or thinking about adding one on?  Click here for ‘Meal Plans Made Easy’

Click here to find out more about Character Dining at Disneyland Paris.

Click here for information about how Disneyland Paris cater for Food Allergies.

You may make Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) up to 60 days in advance by phoning +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50 (Please note, not all restaurants accept reservations.  See each individual restaurant page for more details).

Meal Plans Made Easy

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Meal Plans at Disneyland Paris.  You may have received a meal plan free with your package, or you may wish to add it on.  Either way, you should be able to find all the information you need here.

Children under 3 ‘eat free’ at Disneyland Paris. That means they may eat from your plate, or you may ask for a free jar of baby food. You may also purchase a meal for them, if you so wish.

Half Board or Full Board?

There are Half Board and Full Board options, and different levels of each, so as to suit all budgets.

Half Board includes breakfast and a choice of lunch OR dinner. (except for the Hotel plan which is breakfast and dinner).  You will receive two vouchers per person per night of your stay.

Full Board includes breakfast, lunch AND dinner. You will receive three vouchers per person per night of your stay.

Vouchers may be used from your arrival day to your departure day.

Standard, Plus or Premium?If you receive a free meal plan, your plan will depend on which hotel you are staying in. The different levels of meal plans are loosely attached to the different hotels. However, if you wish to purchase a different meal plan than the one attached to your hotel, this is possible.

Standard Meal Plan – Davy Crockett Ranch, Hotel Santa Fe, Hotel Cheyenne

Plus Meal Plan – Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay Club, Hotel New York

Premium Meal Plan – Disneyland Hotel

The current prices for the meal plans are as follows:

Prices are per person per night of your stay

Adult Child
Half Board Standard €35 €25
Full Board Standard €54 €36
Half Board Plus €49 €33
Full Board Plus €69 €44
Half Board Premium €81 €54
Full Board Premium €114 €73
Half Board Hotel
Davy Crockett Ranch, Santa Fe, Cheyenne €32 €23
Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay Club, Hotel New York €46 €31
Disneyland Hotel €78 €52
Full Board Hotel
Davy Crockett Ranch, Santa Fe, Cheyenne €44 €30
Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay Club, Hotel New York €59 €38
Disneyland Hotel €104 €67

Click on the links below for more details on each of the meal plans:

Click here for Half Board Standard

Click here for Full Board Standard

Click here for Half Board Plus

Click here for Full Board Plus

Click here for Half Board Premium

Click here for Full Board Premium

Click here for Half Board or Full Board Hotel Plans

Supplementing your meal plan;

If you’ve got a meal plan but would like to dine in a restaurant that isn’t covered by that plan then not to worry!

You can pay a supplement to eat at any restaurant that’s in a higher category.

For example:

“I’ve got Half Board Plus but would like the Princess Lunch one day”

HB-AubergeIn this case this person would pay 39,00€ per adult and 27,00€ per child in addition to the HB voucher.

Click on the links below to see all of the supplement prices;

Click here for supplement prices for all restaurants

Click here for supplement prices for Buffet restaurants

Click here for supplement prices for Table Service restaurants



Meal Plans Made Easy –Full Board Premium


Full Board Premium Meal Plan

Add this to your package for €114 per adult and €73 per child per night of your stay.

1 breakfast voucher and 2 lunch/dinner vouchers will be given per person per night.


Use your first voucher to get the Breakfast Buffet at your Hotel (except for Davy Crockett where you will receive a breakfast basket).   You may also use your breakfast vouchers for character breakfast at Plaza Gardens.  There is no supplement.

Lunch / Dinner

Use your other vouchers in exchange for a buffet meal or set menu and soft drink in the following restaurants:

    • Walt’s – An American Restaurant (in Disneyland Park)
    • Auberge de Cendrillion* (in Disneyland Park)
    • Cafe Mickey* (in Disney Village)
    • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (in Disney Village)
    • California Grill (at the Disneyland Hotel)
    • Inventions* (at the Disneyland Hotel)
      • Exception – There is a supplement for Inventions Sunday Brunch

    *Character Dining

You may make Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) up to 60 days in advance by phoning +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50


Alternative Restaurants

The following restaurants also have ‘Premium’ Menus

  • Silver Spur Steakhouse (in Disneyland Park)
  • Captain Jack’s (in Disneyland Park)
  • Bistro Chez Remy (in Walt Disney Studios)
  • Annette’s Diner (in Disney Village)
  • The Steakhouse (in Disney Village)
  • Yacht Club (at Newport Bay Club)
  • Manhattan Restaurant (at Hotel New York)

In addition to these restaurants, you may use your lunch/dinner vouchers at Counter Service Restaurants or at any of the ‘Standard’ or ‘Plus’ restaurants (no change will be given).  The cash value or face value of the FB Premium vouchers is €52 for an adult and €28 for a child.  Only one voucher per person may be used per meal.

See our guides to the other types of meal plans.

Click here for Half Board Standard

Click here for Full Board Standard

Click here for Half Board Plus

Click here for Full Board Plus

Click here for Half Board Premium

Click here for Half Board or Full Board Hotel Plans.