Lucky Nugget Saloon

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I ate in the Lucky Nugget Saloon last year, and really was pleasantly surprised. I’d not researched it whatsoever, and was expecting the usual counter service style place; queue up and pay, collect your food and then find a seat, but the Lucky Nugget is actually more of a counter service and table service hybrid! It is located on the left as you pass through the entrance to Frontierland that is near Casey’s Corner, and offers a Tex-Mex style cuisine.


Upon entry, you are handed a menu from which you order right at the door. Once you’ve ordered and paid, you are shown to a seat – the inside of this place really is stunning! It’s like a theatre, and throughout the day they have puppets on the stage, and a Toy Story show at certain times. The puppets tell the story behind the Lucky Nugget Saloon; I won’t spoil it but it focusses on Diamond Lil, who stumbled on a lucky golden nugget and decided to spend it on building the saloon. It’s really good entertainment – not too loud or intrusive but nice as a background to a nice lunch.

Inside the saloon, seating consists of tables in the centre and also a long bar all around the edge which is slightly raised higher than the centre area with tables


Food and service

Once ordered, this is where Lucky Nugget varies from other places. Food is served in little baskets, and your drinks and mains are brought to your table, as opposed to you collecting them. Once done your baskets of food are cleared for you, and desserts then brought over. The food was exquisite – I had the ribs and the meat really does fall off of the bone, which for me is absolutely perfect. The ribs come with onion rings and chips, as well as a drink and dessert, for 21,99€. Yes, it is expensive, and subsequently, I wouldn’t eat there every day, but it is reflected in the sort-of table service you receive, the show you watch, and the portions you receive. I would definitely recommend it, and if you’re looking for something between a sit-down table service meal, and a quick counter service meal, and you’re happy to pay the price which also sits between table and counter service, I’d definitely pay the Lucky Nugget Saloon a visit.


La Grange at Billy Bob’s

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Current prices are €32.99 per adult (including a drink) and €17.99 per child aged 3 and over.

This is a Buffet Restaurant upstairs in Billy Bob’s Country and Western Saloon in Disney Village.  It is usually only open in the evenings.  If you have a Standard Meal plan, this is one of the included restaurants.  It may be booked up to 60 days in advance by phoning the ADR line (see below) or at your hotel concierge.


La Grange is a cosy restaurant with a Saloon theme.  Here you will find plenty of historic memorabilia and decoration from the Wild West.  It has a nice lively atmosphere.


The buffet is Tex-Mex but with a good variety of food to suit all tastes.  You will find Chilli, cornbread, fajitas, ribs, wings, vegetables, rice, pasta, and a great selection of desserts.  I came out of here very full and content and am looking forward to visiting again!


Add a birthday cake to your booking for €29.

You may make Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) up to 60 days in advance by phoning +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50